Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

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Creator Spotlights: Starr, Satone, Werdy Girl, Taylor, Laren & Xiao

Yao Xiao
Illustrator based in New York City. Alumni of the School of Visual Arts and a native of China, Yao Xiao is an enthusiast for queer fashion, vintage cabaret, collecting odd objects, and absurd science fiction with a flair of whimsy. Her personal artwork depicts a decadent visual world where internalized unspoken sentiments take physical form in surreal situations. Her autobiographical comics deal with thoughts on cultural identity, sexual orientation, and experience of being an ‘extraordinary alien’ in America.

Twitter: @yaoxiaoart

Will Laren
Will Laren is an artist and zine maker based in Philadelphia. He is a current member of the artist collective Space 1026. In addition to his Zine Series Slurricane, his work has been featured in Monster Children and on Vice Magazine’s UK website.

Twitter: @LarenWill

Valerie Starr
Valerie Starr is an artist, historian, and self-proclaimed polymath. She lives in Ohio with her husband and their tribe of felines. Her favorite color is purple. While she spent a lot of her youth learning about digital media techniques, Valerie also enjoys working with traditional mediums. Her current favorite tools to work with are studio markers and pen. Her comics focus on storytelling. She employs a playful use of color and expression in her art to illustrate a world full of curiosity and exploration.

Twitter: @teahousekitten

Vanessa Satone
Vanessa Satone is the creator of the webcomic Wasted Minds. She has self-published four graphic novels and several mini comics. She has also contributed to several anthologies, including Womanthology: Heroic. Vanessa lives in Brooklyn, where she works as a manga letterer.

Twitter: @vsatone

Werdy Girl
Werdy Girl draws journal comics and makes zines about the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Twitter: @WerdyGirl

Whit Taylor
Whit Taylor is a Boston-based cartoonist and comics writer. She was a 2012 Glyph Awards winner for her comic Watermelon and a 2013 Ignatz nominee for her series Madtown High. She also writes comics-related essays and reviews for Panel Patter and her own site.

Twitter: @WhitTaylorComix

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A poster and our first guests for 2014!

It’s here! We’re ecstatic to reveal Ronald Wimberly’s electric, Moebius-infused poster for this year’s festival. Behold!


In fact, we couldn’t even wait for the final text – we just wanted you guys to see its beauty. It also gave us an excuse to announce the first round of awesome, awesome guests coming to this year’s fest.

First, some returning favorites, back for another visit to the LMCF: Farel Dalrymple, Dave Bullock, Dean Haspiel, J.G. Jones, Jim Rugg, Box Brown, Tom Scioli, and of course our Arzachian poster-master, Ronald Wimberly.

These guys will be joined by some incredible new additions to the festival family: Mark Schultz, Yao Xiao, Denis Kitchen, José Villarrubia, Rebecca Mock, and Paul Pope!*

So make sure your calendar’s marked for OCTOBER 25, and don’t lose track.

And follow the fest on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with all the latest.

*It might be worth nothing that of just these first 14 creators (you’ll see a lot more to come), 11 of them contributed to the insane and massive new book that Locust Moon will finally have printed and ready in time for the festival: LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM. We tried to get as many amazing cartoonists as possible into that one book – now we’re trying to get as many of those same folks as possible into this one room!