Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

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Creator Spotlights: Rosarium Publishing, Campbell, Cruté, Hess, Jennings, Machicado, Browning, Howard & McKinley

Rosarium Publishing: Bill Campbell, Jennifer Cruté, Micheline Hess & John Jennings
Bill Campbell is the author of Sunshine Patriots, My Booty Novel, and Pop Culture: Politics, Puns, Poohbutt from a Liberal Stay-at-Home Dad and Koontown Killing Kaper. Along with Edward Austin Hall, he co-edited the groundbreaking anthology, Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond. Campbell lives in Washington, DC, where he spends his time with his family, helps produce audio books for the blind, and helms Rosarium Publishing.
Jennifer Cruté started writing comics in 2003. She is featured in a Current TV segment about women in comics called KAPOW! The New Comic Book Heroines. She was nominated for a Glyph Comic Award for Best Rising Star. Her cartoons have been featured in Bitch magazine. She was a finalist in Lambda Legal’s Life Without Fair Courts contest. She has lectured at the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art, Miami University, Ohio, and Skidmore College, and her comics and oil and mixed media work has shown at the Medialia Gallery in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MOCADA) in Brooklyn; the Limner Gallery in Hudson, N.Y.; and the Ocean Hill Arts Sanctuary in Brooklyn.
Born and raised in NYC, Micheline Hess does design at a prominent ad agency in Chelsea and spends her spare time developing graphic novels, short stories, and interactive iBooks for kids. She has always been fascinated by the visual narrative in books and film and is constantly endeavoring to weave her own sense of humorous story-telling into both her personal and sometimes professional work.
A Mississippi native and University of Illinois native, John Jennings is an Associate Professor of Visual Studies at The State University of New York at Buffalo. Jennings is an award-winning graphic novelist and author. His research and teaching focus on the analysis, explication, and disruption of African American stereotypes in popular visual media.

Twitter: @bcampbellauthor@Ovenland, @crutecomics@JIJennings

Sarah Machicado
Sarah Machicado is an illustrator and graphic designer. She likes to hand make plushies and books. She is a sci-fi nerd and pug enthusiast from Miami FL.

Twitter: @sarahmachicado

Shannon “Shoona” Browning
Shannon Browning, also known as Shoona, writes the comic Ellie of the Stars. Her favorite things in the world are comics, sharks, and marine biology. If she is not thinking about how much she loves making comics, she is probably at working or at home drinking too much green tea while watching cartoons. Her hope is to create comics for younger readers that everyone can enjoy!

Twitter: @megaloshoon

Dr. Sheena C. Howard
Sheena C. Howard is Vice Chair of the Black Caucus (NCA), Assistant Professor of Communication at Rider University and Founder of NerdWorks. Howard is an award-winning author, including a 2014 Eisner Award winner for her first book, Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation (2013). She is also the author of Black Queer Identity Matrix (2014) and Critical Articulations of Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation (2014). Howard has appeared on NPR (National Public Radio), 900 am WURD, and CCP-TV as well as other networks and documentaries as an expert on popular culture, race, politics, and sexual identity negotiation. She has also written opinion pieces for the Trentonian and been featured in the Washington Post.

Twitter: @drsheenahoward

Skuds McKinley
Skuds Mckinley is a professional comic book artist and illustrator based in Doylestown, PA. His first self published comic work, I’ll Take You To The Moon & Leave You There Vol.1, was met with fantastic reviews and quickly sold out of print. In 2013, Mckinley also released Book Face (with illustrator Daniel Elisii) and Rumble Moon Vol. 1. He has designed merch and album covers for heavy metal and punk bands alike and works with some of the influential hip hop artists in his mind.

Twitter: @skudsmckinley

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Locust Moon Fest DEBUTS!

Here are the comics, minicomics, graphic novels, ashcans, prints, and tees that our guests will be debuting at this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival!
This is stuff that you won’t have seen anywhere else! So scroll through and take note of what you’ll need to keep an eye out for…

Rob Woods & Locust Moon Press
36 Lessons in Self-Destruction [The Depressed Punx Collection]
This year’s festival after-party, starting at the Locust Moon shop @ 7:30 pm on Saturday, will also serve as a book release party in honor of one of the most exciting and barely tapped cartooning talents Philly has to offer. You might know his work from a certain festival poster

A28’s Ajani Oloye
– NYCsubsketch No. 2

Nick Andors
A Frozen World GN
A Frozen World posters

Corey Bechelli
Astral Sass 03
Escaping Gravity

Michael Vincent Bramley
– Breaking Bad to the Future print
– Song of Portals print

Jenai Chin & Tim Clark
– Black Canary print
– Wonder Woman pinup print
– Wonder Woman pinup tee

Tim Clark
– 50 Ft Woman print
– Man-Thing print
– Alice in the Park postcard

Coin-Op Studio
– these prints & matching tees

COPOUT’s Jason Piperberg
– Spaceman print

COPOUT’s Ted Cocuzza
– Sister Vader print

Pat Dorian
Savage Brute, Issue One. 2nd Limited Edition, Silk Screen Cover
Savage Brute, Issue Two. 1st Limited Edition, Silk Screen Cover

G.W. Duncanson
– Microscope
– Tax Day in Never Land


Kate Farquhar
Kultural Tourjasm with Kurt and Jason minicomic

Donald Yi George
– Deathmaster #1 minicomic (with limited edition covers)

Henry Gustavson
Mogman #5

Hunter Heckroth
Elsewhere (edition of 50)

Jamie Hibdon
Star Seed ashcan

Sam Marlow
Doll Face #1 and #2

Skuds McKinley
Rumble Moon #1

Annie Mok
– Screentests
Blue Blue Blues
The Witching Hour anthology

L. Nichols
The Perfect Human (new 16pg comic)

Tim Ogline
– Ben Franklin For Beginners

Brad Pearson
The Uncanny Valley Volume 2

Jarod Roselló
Broken Bear, Broken Bear, What’s Wrong with You?

Bill Roundy
– Orientation Police

Samantha Peartree/Andrew Davis
Little Circle and the Wishing Fairy
Tales of Love limited edition gift books
The Evil Wizard’s Assistant’s Quest minicomic
Fun With Germs minicomic
– Workers print

Mike Sgier
Go to Hell Holga Braum
– The Wolf Girl and the Hound print

Skuds Mckinley

skuds_mckinleySkuds Mckinley is a professional comic book artist and illustrator based in Doylestown, PA. His first self-published comic work, I’ll Take You To The Moon And Leave You There Vol.1, was met with fantastic reviews and quickly sold out of print. He has designed merch and album covers for heavy metal and punk bands alike and works with two of his favorite rap artists, Kap Kallous and Homeboy Sandman.

According to Homeboy Sandman, “Skuds Mckinley is like the Homeboy Sandman of art. He just has mad different styles.” He is currently working on a few short comic stories and plans to take over the comic world this year.

Skuds will be debuting his second self-published work, Rumble Moon, a fight comic one-man anthology.

Skuds Mckinley’s website & Twitter

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