Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

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LMCF2015 Creators: Freeman, Wylesol, Liu, Sgier, Mack

j freeman

John Freeman

With a dream in his pocket and eyes set on the prize, John Roeder Freeman Jr. gives everything but up. Known for his pop of color and positive messages within his work, John has had his work shown across several markets expanding from galleries to literary compilations. With eyes always glistening towards the future, he only dreams when he is awake.

g wylesol

MICA Illustration Practice Program: George Wylesol, Jia Liu

Comics, zines, and prints from the students of the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Illustration Practice Program. They explore a wide range of topics from fantasy and gender studies, to trash and time.
twitter – twitter (George) – instagram (Jia)

m sgier

Mike Sgier

Mike Sgier makes comics and prints in Philadelphia. His current body of work is split between comics, stories and artwork set within the fantasy world of Vespers, and explorations within printmaking that chronicle various elements of pop culture and fandom.


David Mack

We’ve been lucky enough to work with David Mack on the publishing end of Locust Moon, both in 2014’s Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream and this fall’s Prometheus Eternal (plus Toon Books’ recent abridged edition of the former, Little Nemo’s Big New Dreams). But this year, for the first time, he’s joining us here in Philly for the big Festival!

David Mack has been a wildly singular and influential voice in comics for years now, from his contributions to mainstream superhero fiction on books like Daredevil to his long-running creator-owned Kabuki series, an ever-evolving destination for inspiration and experimentation. Recently you will have seen Mack’s work designing the covers for Chuck Palahnuik & Cameron Stewart’s Fight Club 2. And you’ve probably also seen his hand in film, where he helps design fantastic title sequences for films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Mack exemplifies what we love about comics – the beautiful art, aggressive evolving of the language of storytelling, and the crossover between the “mainstream” and the wholly personal worlds.

facebook – twitter – tumblr

See them at the
Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!
11 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Website – FacebookEvent PageTwitter

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2014 Debuts

Here are the new books and art debuting for sale at this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival…(see creators’ table assignments and map here)

Debut_AdamMcGovern_Nightworld_4NIGHTWORLD #4
Adam McGovern

EXCLUSIVE to the Locust Moon Comics Festival, Adam McGovern, writer of Image Comics’ arthouse grindhouse epic NIGHTWORLD, will be debuting the explosive, emotional finale to the first miniseries, Issue 4! Catch up on Issues 1-3 (also on sale at Adam’s table) and be TWELVE days ahead of the rest of the world in seeing Number 4 — especially if you’ve had it with these @#$!%-in’ snakes on this @#$!%-in’ plane of reality!

Alex Eckman-Lawn

A grim and grimy art zine full of sketches, collage, and metal artwork. (preview)

Alisa Harris

Follow the adventures of Alisa’s cats Fidget and Moe as they discover apartment living in these short, gag-style comics. 180 pages, all ages friendly. (preview)

Debut_AnnieMok_ShadowManifestoSHADOW MANIFESTO
Annie Mok

A 24-page comic examining intersections between how some cartoonists and some contemporary games makers play with space, perception, and identity. (preview)

Brendan Duffey

An original graphic novel. A young man split between two worlds: the mundane reality of life on earth and the vibrant fantasy world of Athanor. Porter Yeats is a struggling young writer living in New York City. He begins dreaming of strange city on an alternate Earth populated by duplicates of his friends and family. However, the boundary between Earth and Athanor is unstable, and Porter begins losing control of his waking life. Soon, he finds himself switching places with his doppelgänger and thrust into a conflict with a malevolent alien force that threatens his new home. (preview)

Debut_CoolBox1THE COOL BOX #1
The Cool Box: Jason Piperberg & Crystal Ben

A short but sweet full color mini-comic featuring a bee themed Comic Haiku from Crystal Ben and a brand new Spaceman & Bloater story from Jason Piperberg.

Debut_Coolbox_JasonSPACEMAN & BLOATER Poster
The Cool Box: Jason Piperberg

A new print for Jason’s cosmic duo.

Debut-DanielElisii-ThinkinInkTHINK IN INK
Daniel Elisii

A new selection of inky illustrations is collected in THINK IN INK. Containing pictures with no words & pictures with some words & one page comics mostly with words. This inky, wordy, wordless comic has drawn pictures of masks, skulls, bugs, trees, rocks, mask wearing bugs, bugs wearing skulls & skulls wearing bug masks. All on paper. 32 pages long. Black & white. Full sized comic size. (preview)

Debut_DaveProch_MangoMANGO LIZARD MAGAZINE #1 & #2
Dave Proch

The first two issues of Dave Proch’s new ongoing series. Dave is also premiering a giant four-piece “cosmic Marvel” poster.

Debut_DayJobEtc_SpookBuggySPOOK BUGGY Vol. 1
Day Job Etc 

A 144-page graphic novel by Adam Cusack. It’s just another mundane end of the high school year for Margo Weintrepe, an adolescent with low self-esteem, until she discovers a peculiar looking vehicle with an even more peculiar driver who whisks her away to the world of the dead. The catch: she didn’t quite die. (preview via facebook)

Emi Gennis

A new minicomic about everyone’s favorite medical procedure. (preview on the nib)

Debut_ErikaBall_BirdDadBIRD DAD (print)
Erika Ball

A new art print.

Debut_GideonKendall_Whatzit2WHATZIT #2
Gideon Kendall

Pimples, the scourge of adolescents everywhere, are actually portals through which creatures from another dimension derive voyeuristic pleasure. WHATZIT is the story of a creature from this alien world and an American teenager and how their fates intertwine. It is a tale of adolescent angst, action, adventure and acne. (preview on act-i-vate)

Haan Lee

A man who discovers that he is invulnerable also realizes that he has lost his sense of touch. He embarks on a quest to find something that he can feel. (preview)

Debut_HaanLee_CaptainKaplanCAPTAIN KAPLAN
Haan Lee

A police interrogator questions a man with multiple personalities to find out which one of them committed a crime. (preview)

Debut_JamesHeimer_NoirBarNOIR BAR
James Heimer

8-page mini comic of the imagined exploits of Philadelphia’s most under-appreciated crime writer.

Jamie Hibdon

A 30 page, b/w, sci-fi fantasy mash-up, parts of which can be read here.

Debut_JamieHibdon_LinguaFrancaFunniesLINGUA FRANCA FUNNIES
Jamie Hibdon

A 12 page, b/w collection of all-ages content, parts of which can be read here.

Debut_JamieTanner_SoSoFarSO SO FAR
Jamie Tanner

A 10-page mini-comic originally drawn in 8 hours.

John Vestevich

An experimental comic inspired by the “roguelike” genre of role-playing video games. (preview)

Debut_JohnVestevich_SmellyHippySMELLY HIPPIE COMICS
John Vestevich
A new collection of the smelliest and hippiest.

Debut_JudithKim_StrayCatSTRAY CAT
Judith Kim

The 12-page mini-comic parody of rom-com Korean drama. A pretty/얼짱 girl named Min meets a drunk guy on her doorstep…(preview its cool construction)

Debut_JudyWong_EatLessEatMoreEAT LESS, EAT MORE
Judy Wong

A story where a restaurant takes ‘mystery meat’ to a whole new level. Be careful of what you eat!

Debut_KerenKatz_Only3ofThemWereRealONLY THREE OF THEM WERE REAL
Keren Katz

Three more stories from the Fire Theatre.

Debut_KerenKatz_UncontestedSpacesUNCONTESTED SPACES
Keren Katz

A journal of guerrilla poetry readings.

Debut_Kika_TalesofJoonTALES OF JOON Chapter 1

In the 1930s, on the verge of a depression, society is growing colder and crueler. As deep trouble brews and the underclass stands to suffer the worst, a young girl named Joon must take a stand.

Maria Sweeney & Eros Livieratos

A book of short stories, a collection of poems and illustrations, and a zine of works once abandoned.

Mike Riley

A comedy adventure story about a nudist, a dead fish, and a very special goat in search of a lost sword and breakfast. (preview)

Debut_MikeSgier_FirstMisstepsFIRST (MIS)STEPS
Mike Sgier

Foregoing the conventions of epic fantasy, ‘First (Mis)Steps’ brings a folk fantasy approach to this trio of short comics, focusing on characters grappling with romantic anxiety, criticism and lost love. By turns sweet, funny and bawdy, ‘First (Mis)Steps’ present a new world to those looking for a refreshing spin on the fantasy genre! (preview)

Mike Sgier

When a traveling tree spirit and gnome take refuge in a small village, they play a small part in a celebration commemorating the Winter Solstice. The festivities, however, recall ancient memories for the tree spirit, when the nights of Vespers were long, and a mysterious girl known as ‘The Moon Daughter’ walked the land… (preview)

Debut_MIkeSgier_DeathbyFanArtDEATH BY FAN ART
Mike Sgier

A zine collecting B&W character sketches drawn throughout the last year (preview).
Mike will also be premiering a new Rocket Raccon & Groot print.

Mike Shea & Tim Bungeroth

The silver-age-fueled super-villain romp in print for the first time. Who and what is the Minor League Crime Organization Where did they come from, and who would try to stop them?

Debut_RaferRoberts_NightmaretheRatNIGHTMARE THE RAT
Rafer Roberts

An homage to early 1900’s newspaper comic strips, NIGHTMARE THE RAT follows the adventures of a mischievous little monster who preys upon the populace of Hell City by stealing their teeth. Debuting at the Locust Moon Comics Festival is a 28-page tabloid newspaper collection of every Nightmare the Rat strip to date, plus a brand new comic and a bunch of other all new bonus features.

Debut_RebeccaMock_OldWomanTHE OLD WOMAN Chapter 1
Rebecca Mock

A 12-page sci-fi comic about emotionally distant sisters Ruth and Casey, and snowmobiles and time loops. Its creation was livestreamed. (preview)

Debut_Rosarium_KidCodeChannelZeroKID CODE: CHANNEL ZERO
Rosarium Publishing

Art by Stacey Robinson & John Jennings, dialog by Damian Duffy. KID CODE: CHANNEL ZERO is a rollicking, cosmic, time-traveling adventure, fusing classic hip-hop culture and outlandish sci-fi fantasy in this alternate universe to create the ultimate mash-up.

Debut_SkudsMcKinley_HowIveCometoCopeHOW I’VE COME TO COPE.
Skuds Mckinley

A new art book collecting Skuds’ favorite personal work from the past two years.

Debut_StevieWilson_YoureDoingItWrong7YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG #7: TALES FROM THE VAIN
Stevie Wilson

A collection of all the comics Stevie’s done since June! The seventh in a series of essay comics about body image, self confidence, street harassment, representation, and diversity.

Debut_TaylorCurrySWARM! (print)
Taylor Curry

A new art print.

Valerie Starr

Valerie’s first FOLK short story, “How the Moon Came to Be”, debuts here!

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Creator Spotlights: Sgier, Shea, Bungeroth, Chrzanowski, Alvarez, Tucker & Bey

Mike Sgier
Mike Sgier is a printmaker and cartoonist in Philadelphia, PA. His first artistic inspirations were found in comics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jeff Smith’s Bone, but grew to include such artists and writers as Lynd Ward, Stephen Alcorn, Neil Gaiman, and Joseph Campbell. His work has appeared in such publications as the Philadelphia City Paper, the comic anthologies Secret Prison and Suspect Device, and books published by Locust Moon Press. Mike was born and raised in Denver, CO, received his BFA from Creighton University and his MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and is currently a member of the Philly-based print collective BYO Print.

Twitter: @msgier

Mike Shea & Tim Bungeroth
Mike Shea plans on drawing from the womb to the tomb. After attending MICA in Baltimore where he skipped a bunch of classes to spend time on comics, he moved to New York where he stumbled into working on The Sopranos and a bunch of other stuff. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, with his lovely girlfriend and two lovely cats.
Tim Bungeroth is a writer, actor, and producer. He hails from Pennsylvania, by way of Colorado and Chicago. He earned his B.A. in Religion Studies from Muhlenberg College, where he focused on the Lakota Sioux tradition of Heyoka clowning. He moved to NYC with his eventual wife and founded A Festival of Fools in Spring 2009. Tim spends his time writing comics, dramatic verse, studying classical texts, learning the art of stage combat, juggling, playing Nintendo, and romancing his wife.

Twitter: @timbungeroth

Mimi Chrzanowski
Mimi Chrzanowski splish-splashes in Providence, Rhode Island.


M. Jacob Alvarez
M. Jacob Alvarez is a cartoonist, comedian and licensed chemical engineer (seriously dude, silly drawings and conspiracy theory jokes don’t pay many bills!). Mr. Alvarez lives in Philadelphia.

Twitter: @mjacobalvarez

Mont Tucker & Asia Bey
Mont was born and raised in Southwest Philadelphia on a copious diet of Soul, Comic books and Hip Hop music. Naturally he grew into a writer of sorts.
Asia Bey is a multi-versed Artist from Pittsburgh. Visual artist, Painter, Theatre-er, Sculptor, and other media that would no longer make this a “short bio”. They teamed up in 2013 to produce and publish their very own comic series, Bxtch Slap.


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Locust Moon Fest DEBUTS!

Here are the comics, minicomics, graphic novels, ashcans, prints, and tees that our guests will be debuting at this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival!
This is stuff that you won’t have seen anywhere else! So scroll through and take note of what you’ll need to keep an eye out for…

Rob Woods & Locust Moon Press
36 Lessons in Self-Destruction [The Depressed Punx Collection]
This year’s festival after-party, starting at the Locust Moon shop @ 7:30 pm on Saturday, will also serve as a book release party in honor of one of the most exciting and barely tapped cartooning talents Philly has to offer. You might know his work from a certain festival poster

A28’s Ajani Oloye
– NYCsubsketch No. 2

Nick Andors
A Frozen World GN
A Frozen World posters

Corey Bechelli
Astral Sass 03
Escaping Gravity

Michael Vincent Bramley
– Breaking Bad to the Future print
– Song of Portals print

Jenai Chin & Tim Clark
– Black Canary print
– Wonder Woman pinup print
– Wonder Woman pinup tee

Tim Clark
– 50 Ft Woman print
– Man-Thing print
– Alice in the Park postcard

Coin-Op Studio
– these prints & matching tees

COPOUT’s Jason Piperberg
– Spaceman print

COPOUT’s Ted Cocuzza
– Sister Vader print

Pat Dorian
Savage Brute, Issue One. 2nd Limited Edition, Silk Screen Cover
Savage Brute, Issue Two. 1st Limited Edition, Silk Screen Cover

G.W. Duncanson
– Microscope
– Tax Day in Never Land


Kate Farquhar
Kultural Tourjasm with Kurt and Jason minicomic

Donald Yi George
– Deathmaster #1 minicomic (with limited edition covers)

Henry Gustavson
Mogman #5

Hunter Heckroth
Elsewhere (edition of 50)

Jamie Hibdon
Star Seed ashcan

Sam Marlow
Doll Face #1 and #2

Skuds McKinley
Rumble Moon #1

Annie Mok
– Screentests
Blue Blue Blues
The Witching Hour anthology

L. Nichols
The Perfect Human (new 16pg comic)

Tim Ogline
– Ben Franklin For Beginners

Brad Pearson
The Uncanny Valley Volume 2

Jarod Roselló
Broken Bear, Broken Bear, What’s Wrong with You?

Bill Roundy
– Orientation Police

Samantha Peartree/Andrew Davis
Little Circle and the Wishing Fairy
Tales of Love limited edition gift books
The Evil Wizard’s Assistant’s Quest minicomic
Fun With Germs minicomic
– Workers print

Mike Sgier
Go to Hell Holga Braum
– The Wolf Girl and the Hound print

Mike Sgier

mike_sgierMike Sgier is a cartoonist and illustrator fighting against obscurity in Philadelphia, PA. His first bits of creative inspiration arrived through comics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jeff Smith’s Bone, but he wouldn’t make his own comics until his 20’s. Nowadays, he creates unique worlds using a variety of media, including pen and ink, watercolor, printmaking and digital techniques.

Mike’s work has appeared in such venues as the Philadelphia City PaperCity PagesSecret Prison and Suspect Device. His most recent personal work includes Cid and Francis, an in-progress, ongoing fantasy story, Supernova Lullaby, a series of stories set in an alien galaxy, and contributions to the Sketchbook Project for the Brooklyn Art Library.

Mike was born and raised in Denver, CO. He received his BFA from Creighton University in Omaha, NE, and his MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, MN.

Mike Sgier’s website, Facebook, Tumblr, & Twitter

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Creator Spotlight On…Mike Sgier

Mike Sgier is a cartoonist and illustrator fighting against obscurity in Philadelphia, PA. He creates unique worlds using various artistic media, including pen and ink, watercolor, printmaking and digital techniques. Mike’s work has appeared in such venues as the Philadelphia City PaperCity Pages in Minneapolis, Secret Prison, and Suspect Device. His most recent personal work includes Cid and Francis, an in-progress, ongoing fantasy story, Supernova Lullaby, a series of stories set in an alien galaxy, and contributions to the Sketchbook Project for the Brooklyn Art Library. These books are proudly on sale at Locust Moon Comics year-round.

Mike’s website

Facebook  –  Twitter  –  Tumblr