Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

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2015 Festival Debuts!

Here are some of the new comics making their first appearances at this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival:

The Little Red Fish #3
Writen by James Moffitt
Illustrated by Bizhan Khodabandeh
Published by Sink/Swim Press
Digitally Published by Rosarium Publishing
The Little Red Fish is a political allegory in serial comic form and in the style of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The story is inspired by the Iranian revolution of 1979—starting with the coupe of Prime Minister Mossaddegh up to the rise of Khomeini.
Exhibitor: Bizhan Khodabandeh, Table 65-A


Dispersion of Light/Absorption of Light
A new zine by James Mcpherson
Exhibitor: Clown-Kisses Press, Table 41


The Magic Cave: A Low-Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Pen-and-Paper 
By Harrison Stewart
Exhibitor: Clown-Kisses Press, Table 41


The newest installment in Rellie Brewer‘s comix series
Exhibitor: Clown-Kisses Press, Table 41


In A Rut Comics #1
Written by Eros Livieratos
Illustrated by Maria Sweeney
Their comics debut, with a series featuring a cast of characters all dealing with the hardships of life in their own way.
Exhibitor: Eros Livieratos & Maria Sweeney, Table 44-A

aremo - remnants 5

The Remnants #5
By Aremo Massa
The final printed issue! The Remnants is about an ancient land visited by three evil sister witches and the mysteries that surround them. The story follows a young vagrant and a cast of other characters whose destiny it becomes to defend the village from the witches. Also there are werewolves and zombies.
Exhibitor: Aremo Massa, Table 71-A

jo-jo 1

Garden Girls
By Jo-Jo Sherrow
A book about the fairies that live amidst the green world. Featuring Cleo from the Captcha series.
Exhibitor: Jo-Jo Sherrow, Table 26-A

jo-jo 2

Neil-ism #1
By Jo-Jo Sherrow
A collection of the autobio webcomic Neil-ism, numbers 1-21.
Exhibitor: Jo-Jo Sherrow, Table 26-A


love bite
By E Jackson
A 14 page comic zine about graduating high school, crushes, and how it feels when no one notices you’re a werewolf.
Exhibitor: E Jackson, Table 62-A


Casket Girls
Written by Dave Ebersole
Illustrated by Sam Fryer
A one-shot horror comic. Perfect for the season.
Exhibitors: Dave Ebersole & Sam Fryer, Table 60

Lunchboxes #1
By Lou Allen
The first in a series about a kid named Alexis who has magical lunchboxes, and struggles with the havoc a demon wreaks after it’s accidentally released. A surreal, horror-tinged, all-ages comic.
Exhibitor: Lou Allen, Table 32-A


Sword of Fray
By A.D. Puchalski
A fantasy battle starring a unicorn and a giant cat. B&W ashcan comic.
Exhibitor: A.D. Puchalski, Table 72-B


By A.D. Puchalski
A Halloween-tastic semi-debut: Monster mayhem in the ‘burbs thanks to the misadventures of a surly eleven year old. B&W with color cover.
Exhibitor: A.D. Puchalski, Table 72-B

sherbet lock

Sherbet Volume 1 
Written by Michael Vincent Bramley
Illustrated by Joshua Mathus
Cover by Alice Meichi Li
Featuring pin-ups by Alice Meichi Li, Amy Reeder, Glenn Fabry, Leila Del Duca, Fred Hembeck, Rodney Ramos, Shaky Kane, Hyeondo Park, Yao Xiao, Ally Cat, Nate Bear & more.
A horrific book about a lesbian Private Detective in a hellish retro-futuristic city where paramedics in bird-masks steal the organs of the poor to keep the rich alive and the police force is a Lovecraft themed cult. Most of that doesn’t concern her however, as she’s too busy doing lots of drugs and solving paranormal mysteries.
Exhibitor: Michael Vincent Bramley, Table 59

soumya nicole level

Level Up
By Soumya Dhulekar & Nicole Rodrigues
A Philadelphia-set comic highlighting Soumya & Nicole’s friendship and the experiences they’ve had living as females in the city.
Exhibitors: Soumya Dhulekar & Nicole Rodrigues, Table 69-B

j rodriguez apb

APB: Artists against Police Brutality: A Comic Book Anthology
Edited by Jason Rodriguez, Bill Campbell, John Jennings
An incredibly unique comic book benefit project featuring comic shorts, pin-ups, short essays, and flash fiction, the proceeds of which will be going to the Innocence Project.
Exhibitor: Jason Rodriguez, Table 65-B

Find them at the
Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!
11 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Website – FacebookEvent PageTwitter

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LMCF2015 Creators: Bramley, Ebersole, Fryer, Vulfolaic

m bramley

Michael Vincent Bramley

Michael Vincent Bramley wrote this in the third person. He’s an English immigrant with many stories of the old country. He also wrote a comedic horror comic once that you can purchase with money.


d ebersole

Dave Ebersole

Dave Ebersole is a director, playwright, comic book writer, amateur mixologist, and sometimes actor in the Philadelphia area. He is the co-creator and writer of Dash, an ongoing supernatural-noir published by Northwest Press. His first comic story “Here’s Looking At You” was published in Grayhaven Comics anthology You Are Not Alone, with art by his Team Dash partner Delia Gable. He lives right outside Philadelphia with his husband Mike and his puppy Ernie.


Sam Fryer

Sam Fryer is a Philly native, a 2009 Hussian School of Art graduate, and a graphic designer by day. He would have been a professional baseball player, but weekly practices began interfering with Saturday morning X-Men cartoons.


k vulfolaic

Kelly Vulfolaic

Kelly Vulfolaic makes cute goth comics about goth things, and some things that are not goth. She graduated from the University of the Arts in Philly along with her Boyfriend Perry (who is not goth, but that’s ok). Together they talk about Batman and obsessively watch cartoons and read comics. Separately, they each make our own comics, but Kelly’s mostly focus on cute silly things like being a goth chick, cats, and not wanting to wake up early. You can follow Kelly on Tumblr, or if you really want to get to know her, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all under the username @Vulfolaic. And if you really REALLY want to get to know her then you can show up at Locust Moon Comics Festival and look at her in person. She will hug you.

See them at the
Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!
11 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Website – FacebookEvent PageTwitter

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Creator Spotlights: Primo, Palumbo, Nelson, Bramley, Nunnelly, Ellis, Riley & Crispino

Michael Primo, Anthony Palumbo, & Winona Nelson
Michael Primo is a local videogame artist/animator/designer who co-runs Final Form Games ( out of the Philly Game Forge. He is also the writing half of a few comic collaborations with Anthony Palumbo, and uses his daily SEPTA commute-time to get the words out.
Anthony Palumbo is an accomplished painter and illustrator based in Philadelphia. He divides his time between fine art work, Magic the Gathering illustrations, covers for Dark Horse’s Halo and Dragon Age comics, personal comic book projects, and his longstanding hobby of teaching old audio hardware new tricks.
Winona Nelson is a fantasy illustrator and comic creator. She has worked for Magic the Gathering and Warhammer Black Library, and drew a webcomic called Artifice.

Twitter: @mikeambrogi, @winonanelson

Michael Vincent Bramley
Michael Vincent Bramley is certainly a carbon based lifeform and most definitely a Homo sapien male, aged late twenties to early thirties. Rumours to the contrary are vicious libel and/or slander. He came to America from Great Britain in a plane and did NOT fall screaming from the sky in ‘a hellish ball of flame that no man could survive’ as some of his detractors allege. There’s nothing remarkable here, so move along please. He writes science fiction and horror comics of the alternative variety, making occasional forays into more well established anthologies of note. He wrote for the CBLDF Liberty annual and Reading With Pictures, as well as his creator owned, Kickstarter-funded title Sherbet. As an artist he occasionally produces illustrations of pop-culture nightmares he has.

Twitter: @mvbramley

Michelle Nunnelly
Michelle Nunnelly is from Texas to attend School of Visual art as a Cartooning major. Has been taught under Klaus Janson, Joey Cavalieri and Walt Simonson. Recently self published Ugly, a 16 page comic about a young girl named Ellen who has a hard time adapting to the reality of being different. Originally wanting to become a therapist, she is inspired by Sigmund Freud and Jung’s analysis of archetypes and dreams. Michelle focuses her work around universal symbols that impact people psychologically. Her work also touches on depression and other psychological disorders in order to better understand herself and others. When not drawing comics she designs stickers, buttons, bookmarks and prints.

Twitter: @OracularDream

Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis is a comic book writer/artist, digital media producer and amateur beard-growing aficionado. He began spitefully making comics while attending the University of Toronto after the comics in the school’s newspaper were so bad he shouted, “I could make a better comic!”  And he’s been making them ever since. Since then he has done work for Scientific American, Science Rendezvous, Corus Radio Canada, Harvard University, Comedy Central and numerous comic book publishers. Currently, he is the house artist for Chemicals Are You Friends website and publishing the comic Pieces of Eights, a pirate themed, fantasy adventure-comedy! That’s right, PIRATE MAGIC!

Twitter: @ElusiveMike

Mike Riley & David Crispino
Mike Riley is a cartoonist from Baltimore. He is the creator of I Taste Sound, a frequent Mutant Funnies contributor, artist/writer of several books and comic series including Commuters, Goatscape and Chimera Likely, but is best known locally for not being allowed back in the Macaroni Grill after the puppet incident and for run on sentences written in third-person.
David Crispino writes the horror-western series Blood & Time, the science fiction thriller Control, and the cooling body gel exposé SMAIR. David co-created the science fiction horror comedy series Commuters.

Twitter: @mikerileycomics, @DCrispino

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Locust Moon Fest DEBUTS!

Here are the comics, minicomics, graphic novels, ashcans, prints, and tees that our guests will be debuting at this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival!
This is stuff that you won’t have seen anywhere else! So scroll through and take note of what you’ll need to keep an eye out for…

Rob Woods & Locust Moon Press
36 Lessons in Self-Destruction [The Depressed Punx Collection]
This year’s festival after-party, starting at the Locust Moon shop @ 7:30 pm on Saturday, will also serve as a book release party in honor of one of the most exciting and barely tapped cartooning talents Philly has to offer. You might know his work from a certain festival poster

A28’s Ajani Oloye
– NYCsubsketch No. 2

Nick Andors
A Frozen World GN
A Frozen World posters

Corey Bechelli
Astral Sass 03
Escaping Gravity

Michael Vincent Bramley
– Breaking Bad to the Future print
– Song of Portals print

Jenai Chin & Tim Clark
– Black Canary print
– Wonder Woman pinup print
– Wonder Woman pinup tee

Tim Clark
– 50 Ft Woman print
– Man-Thing print
– Alice in the Park postcard

Coin-Op Studio
– these prints & matching tees

COPOUT’s Jason Piperberg
– Spaceman print

COPOUT’s Ted Cocuzza
– Sister Vader print

Pat Dorian
Savage Brute, Issue One. 2nd Limited Edition, Silk Screen Cover
Savage Brute, Issue Two. 1st Limited Edition, Silk Screen Cover

G.W. Duncanson
– Microscope
– Tax Day in Never Land


Kate Farquhar
Kultural Tourjasm with Kurt and Jason minicomic

Donald Yi George
– Deathmaster #1 minicomic (with limited edition covers)

Henry Gustavson
Mogman #5

Hunter Heckroth
Elsewhere (edition of 50)

Jamie Hibdon
Star Seed ashcan

Sam Marlow
Doll Face #1 and #2

Skuds McKinley
Rumble Moon #1

Annie Mok
– Screentests
Blue Blue Blues
The Witching Hour anthology

L. Nichols
The Perfect Human (new 16pg comic)

Tim Ogline
– Ben Franklin For Beginners

Brad Pearson
The Uncanny Valley Volume 2

Jarod Roselló
Broken Bear, Broken Bear, What’s Wrong with You?

Bill Roundy
– Orientation Police

Samantha Peartree/Andrew Davis
Little Circle and the Wishing Fairy
Tales of Love limited edition gift books
The Evil Wizard’s Assistant’s Quest minicomic
Fun With Germs minicomic
– Workers print

Mike Sgier
Go to Hell Holga Braum
– The Wolf Girl and the Hound print

Michael Vincent Bramley

michael_vincent_bramleyMichael Vincent Bramley is a British-born comic book writer-artist with a deep love of the science fiction genre. He now lives in New York City with his illustrator wife, Alice Meichi Li, and the beginnings of a small turtle farm. His work can be found in the pages of anthologies such as the CBLDF Liberty Annual (Image Comics) and Reading With Pictures. Michael collaborates with artist Joshua Mathus on the Sherlock Holmes inspired series Sherbet, a comic about a lesbian version of Sherlock from the future who solves paranormal mysteries.

Michael on Tumblr & Twitter
Sherbet Lock on Facebook, Tumblr, & Twitter

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