Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

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LMCF2015 Creators: Van Sciver, Laren, Lange, Alvarez

noah van sciver westword

Noah Van Sciver

One of the funniest, most truthful, and hardest working cartoonists in the world today, Noah Van Sciver is a fountain of great comics, zines, graphic novels, and strips.

From his early Blammo anthologies to his weekly strips for Westword and his recent Fantagraphics books Saint Cole and Fante Bukowski, Van Sciver is taking alternative comics by storm with his often hilarious, sometimes heart-breaking, always character-driven stories about wasted youths, drunk wannabes, and Abraham Lincoln.

The Denver cartoonist recently began a residency at The College of Cartoon Studies in Vermont, and will make a trip down to Philly to join us for the Locust Moon Comics Festival.

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w laren

Will Laren

Will Laren is an illustrator and zine maker living and working in Philadelphia. After graduating from MICA in 2012 he joined the art collective Space 1026 where he continues to work to this day. His work has been included in publications like Vice Magazine, Mother’s News, As You Were, Universal Slime, and Skate Jawn.


a lange

Aaron Lange

Aaron Lange’s comix and writing have appeared in Mineshaft Magazine and a bunch of other zines you’ve never heard of. They might have names like Bongo Fear, Sex Mutilator, or Mondo Napalm – but hey, even he can’t remember. In addition to contributing to the marginalized “small-press,” he’s also self-published his new comic ROMP and the long(ish) running, cult(ish) classic Razor Burn.

mj alvarez

M. Jacob Alvarez

M. Jacob Alvarez is a cartoonist, comedian and chemical engineer (seriously dude, silly drawings and conspiracy theory jokes don’t pay many bills…).

See them at the
Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!
11 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Website – FacebookEvent PageTwitter

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Creator Spotlights: Sgier, Shea, Bungeroth, Chrzanowski, Alvarez, Tucker & Bey

Mike Sgier
Mike Sgier is a printmaker and cartoonist in Philadelphia, PA. His first artistic inspirations were found in comics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jeff Smith’s Bone, but grew to include such artists and writers as Lynd Ward, Stephen Alcorn, Neil Gaiman, and Joseph Campbell. His work has appeared in such publications as the Philadelphia City Paper, the comic anthologies Secret Prison and Suspect Device, and books published by Locust Moon Press. Mike was born and raised in Denver, CO, received his BFA from Creighton University and his MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and is currently a member of the Philly-based print collective BYO Print.

Twitter: @msgier

Mike Shea & Tim Bungeroth
Mike Shea plans on drawing from the womb to the tomb. After attending MICA in Baltimore where he skipped a bunch of classes to spend time on comics, he moved to New York where he stumbled into working on The Sopranos and a bunch of other stuff. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, with his lovely girlfriend and two lovely cats.
Tim Bungeroth is a writer, actor, and producer. He hails from Pennsylvania, by way of Colorado and Chicago. He earned his B.A. in Religion Studies from Muhlenberg College, where he focused on the Lakota Sioux tradition of Heyoka clowning. He moved to NYC with his eventual wife and founded A Festival of Fools in Spring 2009. Tim spends his time writing comics, dramatic verse, studying classical texts, learning the art of stage combat, juggling, playing Nintendo, and romancing his wife.

Twitter: @timbungeroth

Mimi Chrzanowski
Mimi Chrzanowski splish-splashes in Providence, Rhode Island.


M. Jacob Alvarez
M. Jacob Alvarez is a cartoonist, comedian and licensed chemical engineer (seriously dude, silly drawings and conspiracy theory jokes don’t pay many bills!). Mr. Alvarez lives in Philadelphia.

Twitter: @mjacobalvarez

Mont Tucker & Asia Bey
Mont was born and raised in Southwest Philadelphia on a copious diet of Soul, Comic books and Hip Hop music. Naturally he grew into a writer of sorts.
Asia Bey is a multi-versed Artist from Pittsburgh. Visual artist, Painter, Theatre-er, Sculptor, and other media that would no longer make this a “short bio”. They teamed up in 2013 to produce and publish their very own comic series, Bxtch Slap.