Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

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Panels, Workshop, and After-Party for 2014

All panels, workshops, and parties are held on Saturday, October 25 in the gallery of the Locust Moon Comics store.
34 S. 40th Street, between Chestnut & Ludlow – a 4 minute walk from the main festival venue, the Rotunda.

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Kids’ Comic Workshop: The Cartoon Carnival
Join Laura Lee Gulledge and Mark Mariano as they take you on a magical journey into the world of cartooning! Witness the wonder as everyday shapes become extraordinary cartoon characters and simple scribbles are transformed into works of art right before your eyes! Plus Laura and Mark share their secrets of where stories and character ideas come from. This is one Cartoon Carnival you don’t want to miss.

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Hip-Hop & Comics: Cultures Combining
Since its earliest days in the South Bronx, Hip-Hop has drawn on comic books for input and inspiration, and comic creators likewise incorporate the lyrical and visual elements of Hip-Hop in their work. The cross-pollination and crossover runs deep: graffiti and album covers incorporate four-color imagery, MCs and DJs adopt secret identities and grandiose aliases, writers base their characters in urban settings, rappers namecheck superheroes and cartoon characters, and comic artists draw on Hip-Hop’s rich visual vocabulary. Both forms thrive on excitement and energy, inspire passionate fanbases, and have risen from modest beginnings to achieve global recognition. Here, Patrick A. Reed of Depth Of Field Magazine brings together a lineup of cutting edge visual artists (and some special surprise guests) to discuss the ties between these two creative cultures.
Panelists: Eric Orr, Ronald Wimberly, Sasha K., and special guests.

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Breaking In and Staying In: A “Career” In Comics
Box Brown talks with Daryl Seitchik, Dean Haspiel, and Denis Kitchen about their perspectives on comics in 2014. What does comics look like to three generations of cartoonists?

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Masters at Work
Locust Moon’s Chris Stevens hosts Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, and J.G. Jones for an intimate journey into the minds and techniques of three utterly unique masters of modern comics.

7:00 pm – Oh!
Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream Gallery Opening & Release Party
Unwind, be merry, but whatever you do — don’t fall asleep!

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Creator Spotlights: Roberts, Mock, Retrofit Comics, Brown, Bayer, Luce & Wimberly

Rafer Roberts
Rafer Roberts is the man behind the comic book Plastic Farm and the comic strip Nightmare the Rat. His art has been seen in X-O Manowar and Harbinger (Valiant Comics), Little Nemo: Dream another Dream (Locust Moon Press), Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever (Microcosm), and Oxymoron (ComixTribe). He has drawn Dope Fiends of the Zombie Cafe and Wild Women of the Kitty-Kat Galaxy with writer Sean Frost, and a Tiger Lawyer short with Ryan Ferrier. He currently lives in western Maryland with his wife and muse, and their hoard of cats.

Twitter: @plasticfarm

Rebecca Mock
Rebecca Mock is a Brooklyn-based comic book artist and illustrator. She’s working on a graphic novel series titled Four Points and making animated gifs for Tumblr.

Twitter: @Rebeccamock

Retrofit Comics: Box Brown & Josh Bayer
Retrofit Comics was started in 2011 to publish comics. Today, in 2014, they continue to do so.
Box Brown is an artist and publisher living in Philadelphia. His book Andre the Giant: Life and Legend was a New York Times Best Seller.
Josh Bayer is a comic artist and teacher living in New York. His book Theth was recently released from Retrofit Comics.

Twitter: @retrofitcomics, @boxbrown, @mrjoshbayer

Riley Luce
Riley Luce is an animator and illustrator based out of Philadelphia. His hand drawn animation and comic work contains elements of cartoonish horror and absurd humor. His latest work is a comic called Cosmic Death Cult. It is the story of an unnamed cult member wandering through a dystopian Chinese cityscape filled with arcades, food courts, alcohol, and wild animals.


Ronald Wimberly
Ronald “Dπ” Wimberly is a narrative artist. Story connects people to their world and each other. Wether it’s animation, graphic novels, editorial illustration or advertisement, Ronald finds the story. Dπ is a comic-book, pop artist who’s subverted convention with pop narrative. Ronald Wimberly has worked as an illustrator/animator and comic book artist out of Brooklyn, NY for 10 years, his work has been featured around the world.

Twitter: @RaynardFaux

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A poster and our first guests for 2014!

It’s here! We’re ecstatic to reveal Ronald Wimberly’s electric, Moebius-infused poster for this year’s festival. Behold!


In fact, we couldn’t even wait for the final text – we just wanted you guys to see its beauty. It also gave us an excuse to announce the first round of awesome, awesome guests coming to this year’s fest.

First, some returning favorites, back for another visit to the LMCF: Farel Dalrymple, Dave Bullock, Dean Haspiel, J.G. Jones, Jim Rugg, Box Brown, Tom Scioli, and of course our Arzachian poster-master, Ronald Wimberly.

These guys will be joined by some incredible new additions to the festival family: Mark Schultz, Yao Xiao, Denis Kitchen, José Villarrubia, Rebecca Mock, and Paul Pope!*

So make sure your calendar’s marked for OCTOBER 25, and don’t lose track.

And follow the fest on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with all the latest.

*It might be worth nothing that of just these first 14 creators (you’ll see a lot more to come), 11 of them contributed to the insane and massive new book that Locust Moon will finally have printed and ready in time for the festival: LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM. We tried to get as many amazing cartoonists as possible into that one book – now we’re trying to get as many of those same folks as possible into this one room!

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Finally…Panels for 2013!

This year, we’re going all out. And for a respectable comic arts festival, that means we need programming. So we’ve put together the coolest panels we could with the help of a bunch of our stand-out guests. You’re going to want to take at least one break from buying and buying (and selling) to sit in on some of these discussions.

Each panel will be 40 minutes to an hour long, and will be held in the gallery space at the Locust Moon Comics store at 34 S. 40th Street, two and a half short blocks from our main event at The Rotunda. There will be ample volunteers on hand to point the way if you’re not sure where to go.

And hey, why not grab some delicious food on your way out of the Rotunda and make a lunch (or supper) date out of it? Just a tip.

A Conversation with John Workman & Todd Klein
These two award-winning creators discuss their five decades in the industry, from the early days at DC Comics to working with Moebius at Heavy Metal, from Walt Simonson’s beloved Thor run to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Ultimate Warriors: How Image Comics, Wrestling & the Cold War Changed a Generation
Join Box Brown, Ian Harker, Cyn Why, Jasen Lex, and Katie Skelly as they talk about how the culture of their childhoods influenced themselves and a whole generation of cartoonists.

The Jack Kirby Museum
We are proud to have the Jack Kirby Museum in attendance at this year’s festival, and museum treasurer Rand Hoppe will be on hand to discuss the life and work of the King of Comics, and the mission to see Kirby properly recognized by the industry he helped build.

Out from the Underground
Richard Greene hosts a talk with underground comix legends Kim Deitch and Jay Lynch, where these seminal alternative comics creators discuss the early work that made them famous and their transition in later years to the fine arts.

Meathaus: An Introspective
In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, a group of artists came together at SVA in NYC and gave birth to the art collective Meathaus. In the time since, they have gone on to become the leading cartoonists and illustrators of their time. The Meathaus gang, made up of artists such as James Jean, Farel Dalrymple, Tomer Hanuka, Brandon Graham, Becky Cloonan, Nate Powell, Tom Herpich, Esao Andrews and a host of other top creators, has influenced a generation. Join co-founders Farel Dalrymple and Chris McDonnell, along with Jeffro Kilpatrick and Ron Wimberly, as we take a look at the past and present of this incredible collective.

Sacred Prism: Ian Harker

ian_harker_sacred_prismIan Harker edits the bi-monthly risozine series, Sacred Prism.

He’ll have all 6 Sacred Prism books out by the show. Books by:
Box Brown
Maré Odomo
Lala Albert
Thomas Toye
Benjamin Marra
Michael Olivo

Sacred Prism’s websitestore, & Twitter

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Box Brown

Welcoming back one of our local favorites to the Festival!box_brown

Box Brown is a cartoonist, illustrator and comic publisher from Philadelphia. His comics have been featured in Mad Magazine and his illustrations have been on His web and print comic Everything Dies was named a notable comic of 2011 in the Best American Comics Anthology and was honored with two Ignatz Awards. He also won a Xeric Grant for the comic Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing.

In 2011, Brown started a Kickstarter fundraiser to create a new publisher called “Retrofit Comics”, with the goal of publishing 16 alternative comic books over 16 months. Since completing this goal, Retrofit Comics has continued to publish new comic books every month or two.

Brown is currently working on a full-length graphic novel about the professional wrestler André the Giant for First Second Books. He is also a constant source of new mini-comics. No, he never stops working.

Box Brown on TumblrTwitter, & Facebook
Retrofit Comics

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Locust Moon Comics Festival, October 2013!

LMCF2013 poster by Rob Woods

On Saturday, October 5th, Locust Moon Comics will host the second LOCUST MOON COMICS FESTIVAL, an annual celebration of comics, illustration, and graphic arts, to be held at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia (4014 Walnut Street).

Building on last year’s event, this year’s iteration will feature more than twice as many creators in a larger, more versatile space, and add an expansive schedule of programs including workshops, panels, and discussions on the art, business, and history of comics. More than just a convention, this unique event will honor comic creators and comic creations. The emphasis will be on independent and creator-owned books, as the Rotunda will play host to some of the most distinguished and acclaimed artists, writers, and publishers in the comics world.

The LOCUST MOON COMICS FESTIVAL will boast a variety of local Philadelphia talent such as J.G. Jones (Final Crisis), Rob Woods (36 Lessons in Self-Destruction), James Comey (American Monster Buffet), and Box Brown (Everything Dies), alongside acclaimed cartoonists from across North America including Jim Steranko (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD), Farel Dalrymple (Pop Gun War), Chrissie Zullo (Cinderella), Todd Klein (Fables), Dean Haspiel (Billy Dogma), Tom Scioli (Gødland), Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed to Thrizzle), Jay Lynch (Garbage Pail Kids), Kim Deitch (The Boulevard of Broken Dreams), and Ron Wimberly (Prince of Cats).

The festival will be an all-day affair on Saturday (10am to 6pm), as a cornucopia of publishers and creators vend their wares, sign books, and greet fans. A number of artists will debut festival-exclusive prints, and several will debut new books, including Robert Woods’ 36 LESSONS IN SELF-DESTRUCTION, the long-awaited complete collection of DEPRESSED PUNX mini-comics. A selection of Philadelphia’s deservedly favorite food vendors will be catering the main event, including Little Baby’s Ice Cream, Tacos Don Memo, Kung Fu Hoagies, and Lovers & Madmen Coffee Lounge. While the festival itself takes place on Saturday, events and festivities at Locust Moon Comics will spill across the weekend, including a 36 LESSONS book release party (the official excuse for our Saturday night after-party) and a post-con pancake breakfast.

“This new annual tradition is our way of recognizing and celebrating the huge variety of unique, independent voices in the world of comics,” says Locust Moon co-owner Josh O’Neill. “We want to exalt the infinite possibilities of the medium and acknowledge the intrepid talents that restlessly explore and expand its edges.”
Locust Moon Comics is a retail store, art gallery, and publishing company based in West Philadelphia. This event is the most recent of their many efforts to unify, accelerate, and publicize the burgeoning Philadelphia comic book scene.

Find further information about the event and more guests as they’re announced on the LOCUST MOON COMICS FESTIVAL website (, Facebook (, and Twitter (