Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

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Creator Spotlights: Schultz, Brennan, Lavey-Heaton, Turbitt & Schwartz

Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz is an American cartoonist, illustrator and writer whose career spans two centuries. His lifelong interest in the sciences and natural history informs his fictional work, highlighted by the award-winning Xenozoic Tales series and the undersea adventure SubHuman, as well as such non-fiction projects as The Stuff of Life, a Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA. He has either scripted or drawn many popular fiction icons, including Flash Gordon, The Spirit, Tarzan and Superman. He has illustrated a collection of Robert E. Howard’s classic Conan stories and the autobiography of Charles R. Knight. Currently, Schultz writes Prince Valiant for the newspapers, and is putting the finishing touches on his illustrated novella Storms at Sea, which will be published in Spring, 2015.


Megan Brennan
Megan Brennan graduated from SVA in 2011. She draws a variety of comics that have wound up on the internet. Her ongoing webcomics are School of World and Pencil Pup. She likes cats.

Twitter: @megthebrennan

Megan Lavey-Heaton
Megan Lavey-Heaton is half of the creative team behind Namesake, along with Isabelle Melançon. Described as a fairy tale version of Quantum Leap, Namesake is the story of Emma Crewe, who discovers her ability to travel to magical worlds when she accidentally lands in Oz instead of the expected “Dorothy.” This mistake causes a domino effect that reveals Emma’s role as the hero in a much larger story – where the fate of dozens of fairy tale worlds hang in the balance.

Twitter: @savvyliterate

Meghan Turbitt
Meghan Turbitt is an artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Since 2008, Turbitt has created a multitude of autobiographical comics based loosely on (her) reality. Subjects and experiences most like would to forget, Turbitt unabashedly features in one page gag comics and mini stories. Titles include: Conan, Becoming a Kennedy, and Lady Turbo and the Terrible Cox Sucker. Her gag comics are serialized in two collections. Jaime Hernandez follows her on Twitter. You can too.

Twitter: @RIPMeghan

Mia Schwartz
Mia Schwartz has built her career comfortably on crude anime girls and abject dick drawings. She recently graduated from SVA’s cartooning program after attending for 15 consecutive years.

Twitter: @mightyatom

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Creator Spotlights: Mann, Sampson, Sweeney, Livieratos, Patrinos & Mariano

Lonnie Mann
Lonnie Mann has been doodling in (and outside) the margins of very important documents since he was old enough to stop paying attention to “real work” and goof off instead. He currently collects his lunch money as a UX Designer, but spends his real energy doing comics, and illustrations. Drawing and storytelling are the reasons for all of his seasons. Lonnie’s current (big fancy!) project is a comic travelogue, Thoughts From Iceland.

Twitter: @LonnieComics

Mandy Sampson
Mandy Sampson draws comics and works in publishing. She lives in Philadelphia.

Twitter: @mandyjdunn

Maria Sweeney & Eros Livieratos
Maria Sweeney is a Moldova born, New Jersey raised, Philadelphia based freelance illustrator. Currently studying at Moore College of Art and Design, Maria Sweeney has worked extensively in digital, oils, and traditional mediums which are all generally showcased in her commission works. Aside from general workload, recreational time is generally used in some sort of artistic outlet ranging from working on self-published zines to sketching a possible unhealthy amount of comics and characters.
Eros Livieratos is a New Jersey based freelance writer and part-time musician who’s varied works have been published in both newspapers and poetry collections alike. Currently releasing albums under Little League Records/Seasonal Affection Records, Eros spends most of his time editing works and pursuing future writing endeavors. If his nose isn’t insatiably inside the pages of a book, he must be distracted with the task of writing one in which case it is strongly encouraged you send food, water, and hope.

Twitter: @DeathOfAWriter

Maritsa Patrinos
Maritsa is a Brooklyn based illustrator who doodles and illustrates things and animates things and draws a little webcomic called Seasonal Depression and doesn’t sleep much.

Twitter: @sdthecomic

Mark Mariano
Mark Mariano is a Harvey Award Nominated cartoonist from New Jersey. He’s an Adventure Time cover artist, a contributor to The Sakai Project from Dark Horse, and a contributor to the Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream anthology. His self-published work includes the Moonbeam Award-Winning Flabbergast: Science Friction and the best-selling Happyloo: Flying Colors. As proud co-organizer of the Kids Love Comics pavilion for the Baltimore Comic Con, Mark helps put together the roster of super-talented artists, and creates the programming. Being an advocate of comics in the classroom, he enjoys visiting schools and sharing his love of art and storytelling. Mark has been drawing since he was three, and loves reading comics and picture books, making music with The O>Matics, eating ice cream, and watching cartoons.

Twitter: @MyPalMark

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Creator Spotlights: Kika, Gulledge, Lesser Key Studios, Wright, Gomes, Feng & Locust Moon Press

Kika is a new solo comic artist who recently launched the webcomic Tales of Joon, which follows the tale of a girl living on the streets as the world and her life turn upside down.

Twitter: @KikaEsCoolio

Laura Lee Gulledge
Laura Lee Gulledge is an artist, author, and playwright. She has written and illustrated two young adult graphic novels through Abrams Books: Page by Paige (2011, Eisner & Harvey Award nominee) and Will & Whit (2013, YALSA Teen Top Ten). Gulledge is currently developing Will & Whit as an innovative young adult Animusical and After-School Program with her inspiring collaborative Artners between Virginia, New York, and Vermont.

Twitter: @whoislauralee

Lesser Key Studios: Julie Wright & Amanda Gomes
Lesser Key Studios produces the webcomic, Ianua, a victorian fantasy in which magic replaces technology and the advent of demon summoning has altered society.
Julie Wright, colorist for The Dreamer and main artist for the webcomic Snow By Night, lends her talent to a story centered around Janus, a young man who summons a demon illegally and must deal with the consequences.
During the day, Amanda Gomes is a mild-mannered academic. She spends her time traveling across the globe to participate in archaeological digs. When the sun goes down, she takes her place in front of a pad of paper or her computer and transforms into one half of the duo from Lesser Key Studios. She assists Julie Wright in their never-ending quest to produce a webcomic, Ianua.

Twitter: @LesserKeyStudio

Lisk Feng
Lisk Feng is an award winning illustrator who is originally from China, and now has become a New York based freelance illustrator. She graduated from MFA Illustration Practice from Maryland institute College of Art in 2014, and at the same time receive some award such as 3X3 Student Award Silver Medal, 3X3 Childrens Book Honorable mentioned, American Illustration Archive selected winner, Adobe Design Award Semi-final, AOI Illustration Awards(UK) shortlist, etc.

Twitter: @lisk_feng

Locust Moon Press
Locust Moon Press is a retail store, art gallery, and small press based in West Philadelphia. Their first book, Once Upon a Time Machine (published through Dark Horse in the fall of 2012) was nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Anthology. Locust Moon’s projects since have included 36 Lessons in Self-Destruction (by Rob Woods), the seasonal comics & illo mag Quarter Moon, and Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, a giant tribute comic to Winsor McCay’s masterpiece by many of today’s greatest living cartoonists — including about 30 of this year’s festival guests, such as Paul Pope, Bill Sienkiewicz, Dean Haspiel, Denis Kitchen, J.G. Jones, and Farel Dalrymple.

Twitter: @locustmoon

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Creator Spotlights: Farquhar, Fajardo, Miller, Phillips & Katz

Kate Farquhar
Kate Farquhar is a designer, gardener, and comics lover/creator living in Philadelphia.

Twitter: @zodiacnfriends

Kat Fajardo
Kat Fajardo is an NYC native cartoonist whose work focuses on fashion, cartoons, and animation. She has attended the School of Visual Arts and received a BFA in Cartooning with a specialization in Animation. Kat’s work has been featured in international publications and media.

Twitter: @katfcomix

Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller is a local illustrator/cartoonist with a passion for snacks and cats. Creator of the webcomic Creep.

Twitter: @Kayke

Kelly Phillips (Dirty Diamonds)
Kelly Phillips is a cartoonist based out of Philadelphia and co-editor of the all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds. Her comics are about her life and some other stuff, and her work was recently featured in the City Paper‘s annual comics issue. She likes to get angry, get food, and get to sleep.

Twitter: @kellypcomics, @DirtyDiamondsYo

Keren Katz
Keren Katz is an Israeli cartoonist. Her books include Crossing The Rubikon, The Night Poetry Class in Room 1001, Fire Theatre, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Coat Check Dream, Chronicles of the Falling Women, Only Three of Them Were Real, Plans to Take Up Astronomy, and Uncontested Spaces.

Twitter: @thekatzsisters

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Creator Spotlights: Sherrow, Villarrubia, Wong, Kim, Cassaro, Cen & Kane

Jo-Jo Sherrow
Jo-Jo Sherrow draws and writes a series of comics called Captcha starring an extra-terrestrial mermaid with ears made of light named Captcha, who is summoned to a planet called Earth-2 by a spaceship cat.


José Villarrubia
Jose Villarubia is one of the premier colorists in comics, having worked on acclaimed projects with Paul Pope, Jae Lee, J.H. Williams III, and Jeff Lemire, among many others. As a photographer and designer he worked with Alan Moore on two illustrated books, Voice of the Fire and The Mirror of Love. A renowned teacher as well as artist, he is the current Chair of the Illustration Department of the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Twitter: @josevillarrubia

Judy Wong, Judith Kim, & Alexa Cassaro
Judy, Judith, and Alexa are a group of illustrators based in New York City who make all sorts of quirky works that balance a sense of hand drawn and graphic designs. Not only do they offer prints and drawn narratives, they also have a variety of crafts, comics, and accessories to be bought!

Twitter: @joodit, @alexacassaro

Jun Cen
Jun Cen is an award winning Chinese illustrator and animator who is currently based in New York. He received his MFA degree from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013. He is the Overall New Talent winner of AOI Illustration Awards(UK) 2013. His work has been selected into Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, 3×3 Student Show, International Motion Art Awards, Indie Memphis Film Festival etc.


Kata Kane
Kata Kane is the creator of the shoujo manga webcomic Altar Girl, which has been commended as “the cute shoujo manga with a spine of steel!” (Girls Like Comics, 2014). Altar Girl has been running online for two years, but recently celebrated a successful Kickstarter in July 2014 resulting in the print edition of Book 1. Kata lives in Baltimore, MD, and works as a graphic designer.

Twitter: @ashleyaltars

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Creator Spotlights: Jones, Dragunas, Vestevich & Stewart

J.G. Jones

J.G. Jones is one of the most in-demand artists working today, whether it be illustrating blockbuster books like Wanted, Final Crisis, and The Comedian, or providing dynamic, iconic covers for a host of top titles from Marvel, DC, Valiant, and more. Next, Jones is teaming with acclaimed writer Mark Waid and BOOM! for his most personal project to date. Look for announcements soon!

Twitter: @JG_JONESfanpage

J.M. Dragunas
Joe Dragunas is a self taught illustrator, specializing in antiquated illustrations, currently focused on his creator owned title, The Sires of Time, featuring the misadventures of four knights.

Twitter: @JMDragunas

John Vestevich
John Vestevich scribbles, clicks, and thinks at Cultivate Studios in Chicago. His obsessions include pixel-perfect design, comics, and prehistoric animals.

Twitter: @JohnVestevich

Clown-Kisses Press: Harrison Stewart
Clown-Kisses Press is a zine/comix collective and publisher based in Richmond, VA. Clown-Kisses collects the work of various young comix artists and produces small, artist-organized publication runs of anything from stories, to handbooks, to comix anthologies. Clown-Kisses Press is comprised of RVA-based cartoonist/illustrator/printmaker Rellie Brewer, musician/comix artist Harrison Stewart, and San Diego-based writer and graphic designer James Mcpherson.


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Creator Spotlights: Hibdon, Tanner, Wimberly, Rodriguez, Kilpatrick & Petersen

Jamie Hibdon
Jamie is a brush for hire, whose work can be seen in his ongoing anthology, Lingua Franca Comics, and with the Chicago-based comics journalism collective, the Illustrated Press. He lives in Chicago.

Twitter: @hibdonkaiju

Jamie Tanner
Jamie Tanner makes strange comics. He is the author of The Aviary (2008 Eisner Award Nominee) and The Black Well. He currently works as Comics Community Manager at Kickstarter and continues to make mini-comics at a glacially slow pace. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Twitter: @jamietanner

Jarreau Wimberly
Jarreau Wimberly is a freelance illustrator. While the majority of his work is in the fantasy and sci fi genres (World of Warcraft, A Game of Thrones, and Magic: The Gathering), some of his more notable projects included doing the box art for the 25th anniversary G.I. Joe toys, and some illustration work used in the promotion of the 2nd Hulk film.

Twitter: @reau

Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez is a writer and editor, whose books have been nominated for an Eisner Award and 8 Harvey Awards. He believes that history should be remembered, the future should be stared at, and comics can help with both of those things.

Twitter: @jayrodriguez

Jeffro Kilpatrick & Roger Petersen
Jeffro and Rog are buddies who’ve been making cartoons in Fishtown before the neighborhood got weird.

Twitter: @JeffroKiller