Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

LMCF2015 Creators: Thompson, Khodabandeh, Rodriguez, Binyone

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Craig Thompson

A world-renowned hero among modern cartoonists, Craig Thompson (Blankets, Habibi), will be making his first visit to the Locust Moon Comics Festival this year. And we couldn’t be more excited! Thompson’s newest book, Space Dumplins, just came out through Scholastic this fall, and it is an all-ages wonder of funtastic adventure, born from a master’s brush. But we personally know and love Thompson best for the standout piece he contributed to last year’s Locust Moon Press epic, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream.


Bizhan Khodabandeh

Bizhan Khodabandeh is a visual communicator who moves freely across tHehe professional boundaries as designer, illustrator, artist and activist. He has received numerous international and national awards for his design work, including a silver medal through the Society of Illustrators, placing in the Adbusters’ One Flag Competition, the Good 50×70’s poster project, The Green Patriot poster project, Poster for Tomorrow, and recognition by the American Institute for Graphic Arts. Khodabandeh has had work featured in publications such as Print, Creativity International, Adbusters, among others. Currently Khodabandeh freelances under the name, Mended Arrow and teaches at VCU’s Robertson School of Media and Culture.

j rodriguez apb

Jason Rodriguez

Jason Rodriguez is a writer and editor whose books have been nominated for an Eisner Award and eight Harvey Awards. Jason lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife and their two dogs, two cats, and a parrot. You can usually find him on a street corner, staring out into the future.

r binyone

Rodger Binyone

NO-Man Illustration, NO-Man Press, is one person – Rodger Binyone – primarily releasing screen-printed short-form mini-comics/zines/books.
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See them at the
Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!
11 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Website – FacebookEvent PageTwitter


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