Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

LMCF2015 Creators: Bramley, Ebersole, Fryer, Vulfolaic

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m bramley

Michael Vincent Bramley

Michael Vincent Bramley wrote this in the third person. He’s an English immigrant with many stories of the old country. He also wrote a comedic horror comic once that you can purchase with money.


d ebersole

Dave Ebersole

Dave Ebersole is a director, playwright, comic book writer, amateur mixologist, and sometimes actor in the Philadelphia area. He is the co-creator and writer of Dash, an ongoing supernatural-noir published by Northwest Press. His first comic story “Here’s Looking At You” was published in Grayhaven Comics anthology You Are Not Alone, with art by his Team Dash partner Delia Gable. He lives right outside Philadelphia with his husband Mike and his puppy Ernie.


Sam Fryer

Sam Fryer is a Philly native, a 2009 Hussian School of Art graduate, and a graphic designer by day. He would have been a professional baseball player, but weekly practices began interfering with Saturday morning X-Men cartoons.


k vulfolaic

Kelly Vulfolaic

Kelly Vulfolaic makes cute goth comics about goth things, and some things that are not goth. She graduated from the University of the Arts in Philly along with her Boyfriend Perry (who is not goth, but that’s ok). Together they talk about Batman and obsessively watch cartoons and read comics. Separately, they each make our own comics, but Kelly’s mostly focus on cute silly things like being a goth chick, cats, and not wanting to wake up early. You can follow Kelly on Tumblr, or if you really want to get to know her, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all under the username @Vulfolaic. And if you really REALLY want to get to know her then you can show up at Locust Moon Comics Festival and look at her in person. She will hug you.

See them at the
Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!
11 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Website – FacebookEvent PageTwitter


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