Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

LMCF2015 Creators: Bullock, Harvey, Smith, Sherrow, Jablow

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d bullock

Dave Bullock

Dave Bullock has worked as a story artist on Beware The Batman, Transformers: Prime, The Superman/Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, The Avengers, and more! He directed Justice League: The New Frontier DVD movie, and episodes of the CG Star Wars: Clone Wars & The Spectacular Spider-Man series. Dave has provided comic cover and story art for Teen Titans Go!, Iron Man, The Ultimates, BloodShot, X-O Manowar, Unity and Eternal Warrior and co-authored a Wednesday Comics: Deadman story and a Batman Black & White short story. He has recently worked with DC comics on a Batman ’66 digital comic and been busy developing a creator-owned graphic novel The Savage Blade of King Ronok!
facebook – deviantart

b harvey

Ben Harvey

Ben Harvey is a Philadelphia born and raised illustrator/sequential artist. He’s worked for such companies as Tokyopop, Radical Publishing, Image comics, Beach Studios and NECA.

l smith

Lucy Smith

A creative Virgo with an edgy side, Lucy Marie Smith graduated cum laude from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Arts in musical theatre on May 7, 2011. On May 13, 2013, she graduated from Delaware College of Art & Design with an Associate’s Degree in Illustration. Currently, she is working for another Bachelor’s in Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design. In her free time, Lucy works at Snow Princess Parties, her kids’ party entertainment business.

jo-jo 2

Jo-Jo Sherrow

Jo-Jo Sherrow is a Philadelphia based comic book artist and illustrator. Her books include the Captcha mini-comic sci-fi series and the auto-bio comic strips entitled Neil-ism.


d jablow

David Jablow

David Jablow is a multi-media artist based in Philadelphia. He is predominantly known for his drawings on vintage “doodle pads.” His first series of these drawings were collected in the book do it yourself Doodler in 2011.

“When artist David Jablow was given a vintage novelty doodle pad with the suggestive outline of a seemingly nude woman on her hands and knees with mouth and ass areas left blank and undrawn like a visual, incredibly pornographic Mad Libs, he drew what anyone would draw: a giant radioactive archaeopteryx brandishing its terror-stricken human prey over the shrieking maws of its triple-headed baby. On another page from the same doodle-pad, a ‘Were-squirrel’ chases down Mr. Peanut. Such scenarios are typical within the dazzlingly weird, dazzlingly effed-up ‘Do it yourself project.'” -Hal Parker (Philadelphia Weekly)

See them at the
Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!
11 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
Website – FacebookEvent PageTwitter


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