Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Roberts, Mock, Retrofit Comics, Brown, Bayer, Luce & Wimberly

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Rafer Roberts
Rafer Roberts is the man behind the comic book Plastic Farm and the comic strip Nightmare the Rat. His art has been seen in X-O Manowar and Harbinger (Valiant Comics), Little Nemo: Dream another Dream (Locust Moon Press), Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever (Microcosm), and Oxymoron (ComixTribe). He has drawn Dope Fiends of the Zombie Cafe and Wild Women of the Kitty-Kat Galaxy with writer Sean Frost, and a Tiger Lawyer short with Ryan Ferrier. He currently lives in western Maryland with his wife and muse, and their hoard of cats.

Twitter: @plasticfarm

Rebecca Mock
Rebecca Mock is a Brooklyn-based comic book artist and illustrator. She’s working on a graphic novel series titled Four Points and making animated gifs for Tumblr.

Twitter: @Rebeccamock

Retrofit Comics: Box Brown & Josh Bayer
Retrofit Comics was started in 2011 to publish comics. Today, in 2014, they continue to do so.
Box Brown is an artist and publisher living in Philadelphia. His book Andre the Giant: Life and Legend was a New York Times Best Seller.
Josh Bayer is a comic artist and teacher living in New York. His book Theth was recently released from Retrofit Comics.

Twitter: @retrofitcomics, @boxbrown, @mrjoshbayer

Riley Luce
Riley Luce is an animator and illustrator based out of Philadelphia. His hand drawn animation and comic work contains elements of cartoonish horror and absurd humor. His latest work is a comic called Cosmic Death Cult. It is the story of an unnamed cult member wandering through a dystopian Chinese cityscape filled with arcades, food courts, alcohol, and wild animals.


Ronald Wimberly
Ronald “Dπ” Wimberly is a narrative artist. Story connects people to their world and each other. Wether it’s animation, graphic novels, editorial illustration or advertisement, Ronald finds the story. Dπ is a comic-book, pop artist who’s subverted convention with pop narrative. Ronald Wimberly has worked as an illustrator/animator and comic book artist out of Brooklyn, NY for 10 years, his work has been featured around the world.

Twitter: @RaynardFaux


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