Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Fox, Stone, Aulisio, Pope & Kahn

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Nathan Fox
Nathan Fox is an illustrator, editorial and advertising artist. He does random gallery shows here and there as well as murals and installation work. He is a comic book guy, too, having drawn books such as Hawken: Melee, FBP covers and logo designs, Dogs of War, Haunt, Fluorescent Black, Dark Reign: Zodiac, Pigeons from Hell, DMZ fill-in issues and more. He is currently Chair of the MFA Visual Narrative Department at the School of Visual Arts.

Twitter: @nathanfoxy, @MFAVN

Nobrow: Tucker Stone
Nobrow started in the winter of 2008 with the aim to provide an independent platform for graphic art, illustration and art comics in the UK and abroad, to become a leading proponent of quality in book design and a standard bearer for original creative content in print publishing.

Twitter: @nobrowpress

Pat Aulisio
Pat Aulisio is an amateur ufologist an avid vhs collector. He runs Yeah Dude Comics.

Twitter: @yeahdudecomics

Paul Pope
Paul Pope is perhaps the most influential cartoonist of his generation. For 20 years his seamless blending of American, European, and Japanese influences has enthralled a global audience. The creator of THB, Heavy Liquid, 100%, Escapo, Batman Year 100, and the young adult sensation Battling Boy, Pope lives and works in NYC.

Twitter: @PULPH0PE

Phil Kahn
Guilded Age is the Saga of the Working Class Adventurer. In the mythical land of Arkerra, the entire continent has suddenly undergone an industrial revolution. Now some people have money and machine and politick, while others only have rocks and trees and shrubs. Who do we turn to to save us in this time of economic turmoil? The literal working class heroes.

Twitter: @GuildedAge


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