Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Primo, Palumbo, Nelson, Bramley, Nunnelly, Ellis, Riley & Crispino

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Michael Primo, Anthony Palumbo, & Winona Nelson
Michael Primo is a local videogame artist/animator/designer who co-runs Final Form Games ( out of the Philly Game Forge. He is also the writing half of a few comic collaborations with Anthony Palumbo, and uses his daily SEPTA commute-time to get the words out.
Anthony Palumbo is an accomplished painter and illustrator based in Philadelphia. He divides his time between fine art work, Magic the Gathering illustrations, covers for Dark Horse’s Halo and Dragon Age comics, personal comic book projects, and his longstanding hobby of teaching old audio hardware new tricks.
Winona Nelson is a fantasy illustrator and comic creator. She has worked for Magic the Gathering and Warhammer Black Library, and drew a webcomic called Artifice.

Twitter: @mikeambrogi, @winonanelson

Michael Vincent Bramley
Michael Vincent Bramley is certainly a carbon based lifeform and most definitely a Homo sapien male, aged late twenties to early thirties. Rumours to the contrary are vicious libel and/or slander. He came to America from Great Britain in a plane and did NOT fall screaming from the sky in ‘a hellish ball of flame that no man could survive’ as some of his detractors allege. There’s nothing remarkable here, so move along please. He writes science fiction and horror comics of the alternative variety, making occasional forays into more well established anthologies of note. He wrote for the CBLDF Liberty annual and Reading With Pictures, as well as his creator owned, Kickstarter-funded title Sherbet. As an artist he occasionally produces illustrations of pop-culture nightmares he has.

Twitter: @mvbramley

Michelle Nunnelly
Michelle Nunnelly is from Texas to attend School of Visual art as a Cartooning major. Has been taught under Klaus Janson, Joey Cavalieri and Walt Simonson. Recently self published Ugly, a 16 page comic about a young girl named Ellen who has a hard time adapting to the reality of being different. Originally wanting to become a therapist, she is inspired by Sigmund Freud and Jung’s analysis of archetypes and dreams. Michelle focuses her work around universal symbols that impact people psychologically. Her work also touches on depression and other psychological disorders in order to better understand herself and others. When not drawing comics she designs stickers, buttons, bookmarks and prints.

Twitter: @OracularDream

Mike Ellis
Mike Ellis is a comic book writer/artist, digital media producer and amateur beard-growing aficionado. He began spitefully making comics while attending the University of Toronto after the comics in the school’s newspaper were so bad he shouted, “I could make a better comic!”  And he’s been making them ever since. Since then he has done work for Scientific American, Science Rendezvous, Corus Radio Canada, Harvard University, Comedy Central and numerous comic book publishers. Currently, he is the house artist for Chemicals Are You Friends website and publishing the comic Pieces of Eights, a pirate themed, fantasy adventure-comedy! That’s right, PIRATE MAGIC!

Twitter: @ElusiveMike

Mike Riley & David Crispino
Mike Riley is a cartoonist from Baltimore. He is the creator of I Taste Sound, a frequent Mutant Funnies contributor, artist/writer of several books and comic series including Commuters, Goatscape and Chimera Likely, but is best known locally for not being allowed back in the Macaroni Grill after the puppet incident and for run on sentences written in third-person.
David Crispino writes the horror-western series Blood & Time, the science fiction thriller Control, and the cooling body gel exposé SMAIR. David co-created the science fiction horror comedy series Commuters.

Twitter: @mikerileycomics, @DCrispino


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