Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Mann, Sampson, Sweeney, Livieratos, Patrinos & Mariano

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Lonnie Mann
Lonnie Mann has been doodling in (and outside) the margins of very important documents since he was old enough to stop paying attention to “real work” and goof off instead. He currently collects his lunch money as a UX Designer, but spends his real energy doing comics, and illustrations. Drawing and storytelling are the reasons for all of his seasons. Lonnie’s current (big fancy!) project is a comic travelogue, Thoughts From Iceland.

Twitter: @LonnieComics

Mandy Sampson
Mandy Sampson draws comics and works in publishing. She lives in Philadelphia.

Twitter: @mandyjdunn

Maria Sweeney & Eros Livieratos
Maria Sweeney is a Moldova born, New Jersey raised, Philadelphia based freelance illustrator. Currently studying at Moore College of Art and Design, Maria Sweeney has worked extensively in digital, oils, and traditional mediums which are all generally showcased in her commission works. Aside from general workload, recreational time is generally used in some sort of artistic outlet ranging from working on self-published zines to sketching a possible unhealthy amount of comics and characters.
Eros Livieratos is a New Jersey based freelance writer and part-time musician who’s varied works have been published in both newspapers and poetry collections alike. Currently releasing albums under Little League Records/Seasonal Affection Records, Eros spends most of his time editing works and pursuing future writing endeavors. If his nose isn’t insatiably inside the pages of a book, he must be distracted with the task of writing one in which case it is strongly encouraged you send food, water, and hope.

Twitter: @DeathOfAWriter

Maritsa Patrinos
Maritsa is a Brooklyn based illustrator who doodles and illustrates things and animates things and draws a little webcomic called Seasonal Depression and doesn’t sleep much.

Twitter: @sdthecomic

Mark Mariano
Mark Mariano is a Harvey Award Nominated cartoonist from New Jersey. He’s an Adventure Time cover artist, a contributor to The Sakai Project from Dark Horse, and a contributor to the Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream anthology. His self-published work includes the Moonbeam Award-Winning Flabbergast: Science Friction and the best-selling Happyloo: Flying Colors. As proud co-organizer of the Kids Love Comics pavilion for the Baltimore Comic Con, Mark helps put together the roster of super-talented artists, and creates the programming. Being an advocate of comics in the classroom, he enjoys visiting schools and sharing his love of art and storytelling. Mark has been drawing since he was three, and loves reading comics and picture books, making music with The O>Matics, eating ice cream, and watching cartoons.

Twitter: @MyPalMark


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