Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Jones, Dragunas, Vestevich & Stewart

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J.G. Jones

J.G. Jones is one of the most in-demand artists working today, whether it be illustrating blockbuster books like Wanted, Final Crisis, and The Comedian, or providing dynamic, iconic covers for a host of top titles from Marvel, DC, Valiant, and more. Next, Jones is teaming with acclaimed writer Mark Waid and BOOM! for his most personal project to date. Look for announcements soon!

Twitter: @JG_JONESfanpage

J.M. Dragunas
Joe Dragunas is a self taught illustrator, specializing in antiquated illustrations, currently focused on his creator owned title, The Sires of Time, featuring the misadventures of four knights.

Twitter: @JMDragunas

John Vestevich
John Vestevich scribbles, clicks, and thinks at Cultivate Studios in Chicago. His obsessions include pixel-perfect design, comics, and prehistoric animals.

Twitter: @JohnVestevich

Clown-Kisses Press: Harrison Stewart
Clown-Kisses Press is a zine/comix collective and publisher based in Richmond, VA. Clown-Kisses collects the work of various young comix artists and produces small, artist-organized publication runs of anything from stories, to handbooks, to comix anthologies. Clown-Kisses Press is comprised of RVA-based cartoonist/illustrator/printmaker Rellie Brewer, musician/comix artist Harrison Stewart, and San Diego-based writer and graphic designer James Mcpherson.



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