Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Benton, Lee, Nunnelly, Simple & Heckroth

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Gregory Benton
Gregory Benton has been making comics since 1993. In April of 2013, his book B+F was awarded the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s inaugural Award of Excellence at MoCCAFest. An expanded version of B+F was published in the autumn of 2013 through Adhouse Books (USA) and Editions çà et là (France). In 2014, B+F was selected for The Society of Illustrators Comics and Cartoon Art Annual.

Twitter: @gregory_benton

Haan Lee
Haan likes stories about the barely surreal, the vaguely weird, and the quietly absurd. He likes stories where small picture people wander big picture worlds. He likes stories that have roots in science, science fiction, and speculation.
Haan strives to create what he likes.
Haan lives in Brooklyn with his superior half and their vastly inferior cat.

Twitter: @LeezusConLeche

Heather Nunnelly
Heather Nunnelly was born and raised in Texas. Once she reached the age of 18, she moved to Manhattan, New York, where she attended School of Visual Arts majoring in cartooning (Sequential Arts). She started drawing comics in junior year of high school, but didn’t start professionally until she graduated college in 2012. Her first comic was called Before I Sleep. She started it in 2007 and was later published up as a web comic. She is now working on a new science fiction comic called Vacant and a comic named Illegal written by Jeremy Whitley. For her day job she is a freelance illustrator/comic book artist.

Twitter: @ImagineTEnding

Holly Simple
Holly Simple is a Brooklyn based artist who makes beautifully insane and insanely beautiful collages and zines. Buzzfeed once did a piece on her. You can follow her on twitter @holly_simple and see her work on her tumblr (

Twitter: @holly_simple

Hunter Heckroth
Hunter Heckroth is an illustrator/painter/designer/comicguy/big-fan-of-beer also currently living and working out of Brooklyn, NY, along with all those other dang kids. His work is most notable for being excessively busy and really just super great to read.

Twitter: @catfishradiator


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