Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Vega, Dahm, Eye Heart Us, Bear, Galbraith, Dalrymple & Kendall

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Estrella Vega
Estrella Vega is an artist based in New York. She discovered silkscreen 6 years ago, and has been drawing, printing, and binding her own books since then. With a focus on scientific subjects, like prehistory and phylogenetics, she strives to make science more accessible for the layman. She also started with Alexandra Beguez and Alden Viguilla, a comic anthology Three-armed squid, now in its third year.

Twitter: @EstrellaVega1

Evan Dahm
Evan has been creating fantasy adventure comics since 2006, including Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and Vattu, and self-publishes them online and in print. He is also a founding member of the art book publishing company Benign Kingdom.
Evan’s Vattu won this year’s Ignatz Award for Outstanding Online Comic!

Twitter: @evandahm

Eye Heart Us: Nate Bear & Laura Galbraith
Nate Bear and Laura Galbraith are a Brooklyn-based husband and wife duo of illustrators aiming to put a smile on your face. With their bright colors combined they form Eye Heart Us! Nate is known for his humorous prints and offbeat BearBrains comics. Meanwhile Laura supplies a feast for your eyes with sensuously colored illustrations of lovely ladies planted in unreal worlds.

Twitter: @natebear, @inulg

Farel Dalrymple
Farel Dalrymple is the award-winning creator of Pop Gun War and co-founder of the wildly influential Meathaus collective. His latest book, The Wrenchies, has received rave reviews and is a New York Times Bestseller. He is currently working on the Eisner-nominated webcomic It Will All Hurt; The Earfarmer, a sci-fi love story with Chris Stevens; and the long-awaited sequel to Pop Gun War.

Twitter: @fareldalrymple

Gideon Kendall
Gideon Kendall has been a professional illustrator and cartoonist for over 20 years. His work has been published in many picture books and chapter books as well as numerous album covers, posters, advertisements, etc. He is currently producing two comic book series: the dark and humorous sci-fi graphic novel Whatzit and the autobiographical compilation Wait…it gets worse in collaboration with writer Doug Latino. His comics, as well as his obsessive and surreal fine art prints, are available at and a wide variety of his work can be seen on his website.

Twitter: @gideonkendall


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