Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Bullock, Ebersole, Proch, Wing & Day Job Etc

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Dave Bullock
Dave Bullock has worked as a story artist on Beware The Batman, Transformers: Prime, The Superman/Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, The Avengers, and more! He directed Justice League: The New Frontier DVD movie, and episodes of the CG Star Wars: Clone Wars & The Spectacular Spider-Man series. Dave has provided comic cover and story art for Teen Titans Go!, Iron Man, The Ultimates, BloodShot, X-O Manowar, Unity and Eternal Warrior and co-authored a Wednesday Comics: Deadman story and a Batman Black & White short story. He’s now working with DC comics on a Batman ’66 digital comic and developing a creator-owned graphic novel The Savage Blade of King Ronok!

Twitter: @KingRonok

Dave Ebersole
Dave Ebersole is a theater director and playwright. His plays include Task, Living Space, Subdivision, Redemption: A Romantic Comedy?, and The Churchbells All Were Broken. Dave has a Bachelors in Theater from Temple University and also attended the Summer Seminar for Writers at Sarah Lawrence College focusing on comic writing, taught by Scott Snyder. His first comic story Here’s Looking At You was published in Grayhaven Comics’ anthology You Are Not Alone, with art by his Team Dash partner Delia Gable. He lives right outside Philadelphia with his husband Mike and his puppy Ernie.

Twitter: @debersol

Dave Proch
Dave Proch is a cartoonist and illustrator from Philadelphia and is a member of the Locust Moon Comics collective. His often-gritty but rarely-grim comics have appeared in various anthologies including Once Upon a Time Machine, Quarter Moon (issues 2 and 4), and Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. Dave’s new self-published series, Mango Lizard Magazine, finally collects his short story work in one place and will debut at this year’s Locust Moon Comics Festival.

Twitter: @DaveProch

Dawn Wing
Dawn Wing likes to make comics, bottlecaps, and magnets/pins. She likes to draw a lot!


Day Job Etc: Sean Dooley & Hugo Marmugi
Day Job Etc is Hugo Marmugi and Sean Dooley. Day Job Etc was created in 2009 in Philadelphia, PA, with the purpose of making cartoons, both animated and illustrative. What began as a collaboration among friends to make short animations developed into something more as they balance commercial work with personal projects.

Twitter: @dayjobetc


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