Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Cassano, Dillon, Folkman, Pickrodt, Ray Ray Books & Coin-Op Books

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Christa Cassano
Christa Cassano has exhibited work in galleries and museums across the country and in Italy, where she won the Espoarte 2000 Award of Excellence in contemporary art. She studied at Cooper Union and was the recipient of two Lloyd Sherwood Grants. In 2012, Cassano attended a graphic novel residency at The Atlantic Center for the Arts which began a career in writing and drawing comics. She has recently self-published The Giant Effect, and is currently adapting John Leguizamo’s one-man show, Ghetto Klown, into a graphic novel.

Twitter: @christacassano

Chuck Dillon
Chuck Dillon was born in a small chaotic row home in Philadelphia where drawing was always encouraged. He has been an illustrator since 1993, a non-practicing atheist since 1994, and taught for thirteen years as an instructor at his alma mater, the Hussian School of Art. Chuck has created award winning illustrations for such clients as Highlights for Children, PBS’s Sprout, Campbell’s Soup, the Philadelphia Zoo, and many more. He has been featured on Drawn! the illustrator’s blog for his book, Which Art Student Are You? Chuck currently resides in the Philadelphia area with his beautiful scientist wife, their cute-as-a-button daughter, and a very cartoony dog.

Twitter: @idrawstuff

Claire Folkman (Dirty Diamonds)
Claire Folkman is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She creates out of Mercer Street Studios where she makes comics, collages, videos, and costumes. She is also editor and contributor to Dirty Diamonds, an all-girl comic anthology, which has been archived in the Library of Congress.

Twitter: @clairefolkman, @DirtyDiamondsYo

Cody Pickrodt & Ray Ray Books
Cody Pickrodt is an internationally recognized cartoonist and illustrator. His comic series Reptile Museum comes out bi-monthly from Ray Ray Books.
Founded in 2012, Ray Ray Books is a publisher of exceptional up-and-coming artists, cartoonists and writers.

Twitter: @codypickrodt

Coin-Op Books: Peter & Maria Hoey
Peter and Maria Hoey are brother and sister artists. Their illustrations appear in magazines and newspapers, commercials, and advertising. They have contributed comics to past issues of Blab! and since 2007, have published their work independently under their own Coin-Op Press. Their comics have received notice in The Best American Comics 2011, BAC 2013′s Notable Comics list, and many issues of American Illustration.



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