Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Creator Spotlights: Dougherty, Stedfeld, Gennis, Ball, Curry & Ryngin

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Eamon Dougherty
Eamon Dougherty is a Philadelphia native, cartoonist, and nerd. He is the artist for Monkeybrain Comics’ Action Cats.

Twitter: @EamonBDoc

Ellen Stedfeld
Ellen Stedfeld, otherwise known as “Ellie” is a sketch artist and illustrator from New York City, who specializes in instant portraits and custom requests. She initiated the Storefront Artists Program at Carmine Street Comics, where shoppers can meet creators making art in the store every day. She has also taught workshops both there and at Enigma Bookstore. Her work has been printed in the comics newspaper Magic Bullet #8 with writer Adam McGovern, and her drawing hands are the visual component of short film How To Break Into Yiddish Vaudeville (produced by Jack Feldstein Neon Animation). You can find her sketching at live performances and special events around town. Amidst the numerous original stories she is developing, her favorite examines the everyday life of an aspiring hero a super-powered world. Previewed in her existing mini-comics, further selections will appear in the Heroes & Villains art exhibit at Ouchi Gallery in Brooklyn, opening November 25th, 2014. To keep up with the latest news, view her art, or find out where she’ll be sketching next, follow her online and visit her website.

Twitter: @ellesaur

Emi Gennis
Emi Gennis is a cartoonist and illustrator from the Midwest. Her often macabre historical and true crime comics have appeared in several publications, including Symbolia, Bitch Magazine, and The Hairpin. Emi is the editor of Unknown Origins and Untimely Ends (Hic & Hoc 2013), an anthology of nonfiction mystery comics. She currently resides in southeastern Kansas, where she teaches art at Pittsburg State University.

Twitter: @imemi

Erika Ball & Taylor Curry
Erika Ball (snackstick) is a sophomore Illustration major at the University of the Arts.
Taylor Curry (deedledanger) is a first year Illustration major, also at Uarts.
Two best friends and aspiring cartoonists from Bensalem, PA!


Esabelle Ryngin
Esabelle Ryngin is an entomology student who is crazy about comics! Her favorite insect is the Hercules Beetle, and she loves to draw comics and art that teach about insects and science. She’s worked in several different kid-friendly, science and insect-oriented books and anthologies, and is the artist and writer of the webcomic Perish the Thought.

Twitter: @wowowosh


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