Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

2014 Creator Spotlights: Lange, McGovern, Fleck, Brown & Eckman-Lawn

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Aaron Lange
Aaron Lange is the writer and artist of the comics series Razor Burn, ROMP, and the still continuing TRIM. Additionally, his art and writing have appeared in publications such as Mineshaft, Cinema Sewer, Sleazy Slice, Lunch Meat, Liquid Cheese, and other small rags the world at large remains deeply ignorant to.


Adam McGovern
Adam McGovern is the writer of Nightworld, a four-issue grindhouse horror, gallows-humor epic from Image Comics with pop-art Kirby visuals by creator Paolo Leandri. The team wrote and drew an “Alias, the Spider” yarn in Image’s Next Issue Project #3 (aka Crack Comics #63), and created the cult-fav Dr. Id, Psychologist of the Supernatural. Adam also writes comics regularly for the Magic Bullet newspaper from D.C. Conspiracy, and has worked with Coin-Op Studio and AdHouse Books. He adapted some 50 issues of nine comics series from Italy’s GG Studio for the American market in 2010-12, including the all-ages A Skeleton Story and the probably-should-be-no-ages Route des maisons rouges. He has written comic-styled stories for videogame companies, stage productions, and educational textbook publishers. Nightworld started on August 6, 2014. Be sure to find it on facebook!

Twitter: @AdamMcGovern

Aimee Fleck
Aimee Fleck is a freelance illustrator, zine artist, and general tastemaker whose art deals with fat, feminism, and science fiction! A recent graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art, she currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, and in her spare time she enjoys reading fanfiction, fighting the patriarchy, and making pies.

Twitter: @aimeefleck

Alan Brown
Alan Brown is an illustrator and comics creator based in Bear, DE. Together with his partner Kati Driscoll, Alan began Medusawolf, an online store featuring prints and original watercolor paintings of fantastic monsters and nightmare landscapes. As of 2014, they self-published his first comic book, Ovoyyamar, an ongoing series set on a hostile planet which follows the grim adventures of several alien creatures as they seek revenge, battle weird beasts, and struggle to survive. Alan is a 2004 graduate of the Delaware College of Art & Design.


Alex Eckman-Lawn
Alex Eckman-Lawn is a Philadelphia born illustrator who lives in the gutter and sleeps in the sewer. His work has appeared in comic books, album covers, book covers, t-shirts, and posters. He is currently hard at work trying to burn his name into the ground and pull the sun out of the sky. Alex’s work has appeared in the following comics: Awakening (Archaia Entertainment), Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol.2 (Archaia Entertainment), Popgun Vol.4 (Image Comics), The Graphic Canon Vol.1 and 4 (Seven Stories Press), Moon Lake Vol.1 and 2 (Archaia Entertainment), and Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream (Locust Moon Press).

Twitter: @alexeckmanlawn


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