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Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

COPOUT Artists: Billy Wayne Martin, Crystal Ben, James Kaminski, Jason Piperberg, Ted Cocuzza

copoutCOPOUT Artists was first founded in January 2011 as a one-shot anthology after Billy Wayne Martin read the comic book anthology I Saw You… and was inspired to do one. The anthology Moments didn’t see the light of day until March 2011, after these artists went through the challenge of making their first comics. Since that anthology, the group decided to make a monthly project out of it. They made free mini monthly zines between 2011 and 2012. In December 2012, they decided to print and sell their first color issue, COPOUT Artists vol. 1. They just released their latest book this past September at SPX, COPOUT Artists Vol. 2. The group has consisted of many contributors. The current members are Andy Hood, Billy Wayne Martin, Crystal Ben, E.D. Xu, James Kaminski, Jason Piperberg, and Ted Cocuzza.

COPOUT’s website & Facebook

Billy Wayne Martin was born in a manger and upon his birth his parents knew this boy would be destined for great things. However, they were wrong. He went to art school instead, more specifically The University of the Arts. When he’s not strolling sunset beaches and riding on horseback into the horizon, he can be found reading comics and drawing.

Billy’s website, Facebook, Tumblr, & Twitter

Crystal Ben is an earthling with a newfound passion for nature. She enjoys creating fantasy themed illustrations and works as a professional freelancer creating book covers, posters, games and pre-production art.

Crystal’s website, blog, DeviantART, Facebook, Tumblr, & Twitter

James Kaminski is an illustrator from New Jersey who lives and breathes comic books. I know what you’re thinking: “How does one breathe comics”, and rest assured that there is an answer, but it gets a little technical and involves funnels; I won’t get into that. So anyway, he’s been illustrating for years and has worked in the sequential arts field for both print and digital publication for clients such as NBC, Archie Comics, and PBS. He’s a co-founder of the Philadelphia comics group known as COPOUT Artists and is a proud member of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. He loves Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk, Beer, and Pesto.

James’ website, blogFacebook, Tumblr, & Twitter

Jason Piperberg graduated from The University of the Arts in 2012 with a BFA in illustration. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil and has always had a penchant for comics, super heroes, sci-fi, and anything related to narrative imagery and story telling.

Jason’s website, blog, Facebook, Tumblr, & Twitter

While Ted Cocuzza is not out protecting humanity from sheer and utter dooms such as cataclysmic cyborg dinosaurs and rogue meteors inhabited by man eating baboons, he spends his time on earth where he enjoys his love affair with art and skateboarding. He also found the time to get his BFA in illustration from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Ted’s website, Tumblr, & Twitter

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