Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

John Workman

john_workmanBorn in Beckley, West Virginia in 1950, John Elbert Workman Jr. grew up in Aberdeen, Washington and studied at Grays Harbor College and Clark College, getting an Associate in Arts degree in 1970.

He worked in advertising briefly before creating the science-fiction comic series Sindy and the humor strip Fallen Angels in 1972. In 1974 his work on Mike Friedrich’s Star*Reach attracted attention from DC Comics, and they offered Workman a job in production. From 1977 to 1984 he was art director of Heavy Metal magazine, where he wrote, drew, edited, colored, designed, and lettered. Since then he has written and drawn for DC, Marvel, Archie, Playboy, and others, but he is best known as a letterer. He worked on many projects with Walt Simonson, including Thor and Orion, and also lettered Jim Starlin’s Cosmic Odyssey series.

More recently Workman has lettered books like The Question, Bullet Points, 1985 (basically, all of artist Tommy Lee Edwards’ books), GrimJack, Jon Sable: Freelance, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, Archie’s Sonic comics, and the closing tale (“Bombus and Vespula”) in Locust Moon & Dark Horse’s Once Upon a Time Machine.

Workman is well-known for his tight craftsmanship, his distinctive style, and the fact that he still does beautiful traditional lettering on art boards in addition to modern-standard computer and digital fonts.

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