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Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

A28 Press: Ajani Oloye, Sarah Sheppard, Daniel Pucca

a28-ajani-oloyeAjani Oloye is an artist and translator living in Brooklyn. He is currently part of A28 Press, a collection of cartoonists from the New York City area. His first comic ABVD, is a short semi-autobiographical comic about his experience with cancer in Japan and he also has published collections of drawings from the NYC subway.

Sarah Sheppard is a Seattle native living in New York City. In 2009 she began studying cartooning in earnest, enrolling in a series of evening classes at the School of Visual Arts. She continues to learn and is very grateful to her teachers at SVA and to the talented cartoonists she’s befriended along the way. Nest Fest is her debut comic.

Daniel Pucca debuted My Dutch Foreskin at the 2013 MoCCAfest in New York City. My Dutch Foreskin is a 20-page autobiographical comic about growing up as an American boy in a small town in Holland during the 1980’s. In a nod to verisimilitude, much of the story is written in its original language. But fear not, the printed piece comes with a ‘Magic Tulip’ that, when held over Dutch word balloons, translates the text into English. Really.

A28’s website
Ajani’s blog & Twitter
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