Locust Moon Comics Festival

Fourth annual celebration of comics and graphic arts. Saturday, October 31, 2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Cliff Galbraith

cliff_galbraithCliff Galbraith is best known for his independent sci-fi comic Rat Bastard, the story of private detective Roscoe Rodent, who happens to be a five foot tall rat. After a long hiatus, Cliff has returned to comics with a new Rat Bastard three part series, Small Doses. He’s also grinding out Unbearable, a dark humor comic he created with his wife J.C. Luz.

Cliff Galbraith hails from Red Bank, and is the promoter of comic creator friendly Asbury Park Comicon. In a former life, he created the merchandise sensation Saurus, which included the Partyasaurus, Rockasaurus, and Shopasaurus. He also claims to have invented gravy.

Cliff Galbraith on Twitter, and Crucial Comics’ website, FacebookTumblr, & Twitter

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